Social Selling – Video Responses

In this example the prospect has not been in the dealership yet, and had mentioned a bad experience with another salesperson previously. Rafael is a 25+ unit per month sales pro and has taken a new position recently as Internet Director for their MBZ store.


In this example the prospect had just sent an e-mail inquiry and Elise had already responded via voicemail. As of this date, this is a 35+ unit sales pro using others on staff as “delivery specialists”. This may take a few seconds to load, and it’s worth the wait.


In this example, Jocelyn was simply “putting a face to the voice” to differentiate herself from the competition and begin to make an emotional connection with her prospect. And yes, this could have been shot horizontally for a larger viewing area.


In this 10 second video, Lars simply wanted to give his customer something quick to refer back to while they were shopping the other dealerships down the boulevard.


 In this example, Danny is using the vehicle and a bit of humor to reconnect to a customer who had inquired earlier.


 In this example, Rafael did NOT have what the prospect wanted specifically. So he showed several comparable options to make it attractive for the prospect to come in.


 This is an example of how a dealership can use video to differentiate their employment opportunity from the others listed in online job boards or aggregate job websites. This one takes a bit longer to queue up, but again is well worth the wait.


 And this is an example of how a dealership can use video to backstop every selling opportunity and not just the floor opps.