Virtual Coaching

Our Virtual Coaching sessions are the next best thing to actually working face to face with one of our trainers. They come in four formats; video lessons, audio lessons, video sales meetings, and remote one on one coaching sessions.

Our streaming video lessons are short (4 to 15 minutes generally), concise (usually limited to one specific topic), and followed by a short quiz to re-enforce the content covered.

Our streaming audio lessons are also short (2 to 8 minutes generally), concise (usually limited to one specific topic), and available in MP3 format so you can access them from your smart phone or other compatible player.

Our streaming video sales meetings are fast paced, informative, and fun. They can be a perfect compliment to your current sales meeting agenda or be the focal point. We supply you with the topic, length, and presenter to make it easy to determine it’s compatibility to what you’ve already got planned. Access to these sales meeting are unlimited, so you can preview them beforehand, or come back to them as often as you see fit.

And our remote one on one coaching sessions are conducted via live video conference, telephone, or e-mail (you choose the medium). These sessions very often include role plays, homework assignments, and follow up sessions to insure long term success and that the particular challenge is mastered.

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