Attendee Comments – December ’13 – Portland


“Completely revolutionary and valuable information that gives you a competitive advantage over your competition.”
Eric Lauritzen, Sales Rep. – Dick Hannah Auto Group


“Very solid material. Although I personally wanted the whole workshop to be on how to use technology to increase my market share.”
Christian Miller, Sales Lithia Subaru


“AWESOME! You dragged me kicking and screaming into the entertainment age! God help the customers when I start sending them videos!”
Norine LeCroy, Internet Sales & Buying Agent – Dick Hanah Acura of Portland


“Great content, entertaining, enlightening, and I will certainly be back again!”
Jim Osterman, Assit. Sales Manager – Gresham Toyota


“This was a very good value and a great overall use of my time. Agreeable new methods and re-evaluation of the business.”
Tyler Jessup, Salesperson – Mazda of Gladstone


“Thank You!”
Andy DeVito, Sales Rep. – Mazda of Gladstone


“What a great time! I learned a lot, took fulfilling notes, and left with lots of skills to take home! Great job!”
Erika Norman, Sales Rep. – Mazda of Gladstone


“Very helpful for me as a new sales consultant.”
Chris Atkins, Sales Consultant – Braley & Graham Buick


“Heat the place!”
Nick Bernal, Sales – Gresham Toyota


“Great! But cold.”
Ron Roth, Sales – Mazda of Gladstone


“Very eye-opening!!”
D. Walton, Desk/Store Manager – Mazda of Gladstone


“This was very good, as usual.”
Dari Razzagly, Sales – Lithia Subaru


“This experience was good, professional and very helpful, not just for the car business but for any aspect of life! In life we are always selling. We are selling ourselves! So why not better that? Exactly!”
David Killen, Internet Manager – Lithia Subaru of Oregon City


“Very beneficial. As in anything, it will boil down to practing it and applying it.”
Seth Dustin, Internet Director, Mazda of Gladstone


“I got exactly what I expected!”
Matt Bratschi, Sales Consultant – Gresham Toyota