What makes My Success Company different?

For over twenty years, we have taken the responsibility of success coaching very seriously. What makes us different is we understand that today’s auto sales professional doesn’t want to spend $600 just to go get “motivated” nor will they tolerate being told that today’s customers can still be bullied into buying something. Simply put, they want sound strategies that work in today’s market with the 21st century customer.

We also understand that helping people change their behavior takes more than one day at a seminar. Training is not simply an event. That’s why we employ a comprehensive support system to assist our clients through the entire learning process. By utilizing interactive public coaching events, private one on one coaching, remote one on one coaching, online video segments, audio programs, books, and articles, we provide people with the tools and the ongoing support they crave to help them achieve greater levels of personal and professional success as they define it. Bottom line; we help our clients keep their skill sets current and find their own voice in the profession of automobile sales.

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“This is my 7th time attending one of Michael’s workshops and I’m still getting great and useful information that can, and has, helped me to evolve my craft.”
Jack Sommerville, Sales Manager – Honda North


“I just sold 92 cars in four months! Thanks for what you do.”
Scott Driessen, Sales Consultant – Courtesy Ford


“Wonderful! I have been in sales for over 20 years and this is the best workshop bar none! 21st century sales techniques were wonderful. Best investment ever!!!”
Francisco Sosa, Sales Consultant – Peoria Ford


“…with programs like yours, and N.A.D.A.’s salesperson’s certification program, we can finally bring the automotive field in step with the best of the retail industry!”
Ron Tonkin, President – Ron Tonkin Dealerships

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Life Skills


We are pleased to offer you a variety of articles related to Life Skills, information to help us grow and stories to touch our hearts, contributed by many different authors.


If you have a comment, suggestion, or an article you’d like considered for publication, please e-mail it to: editor@bluinc.com.



Don’t Hope, Friend… Decide!  by Michael D. Hargrove

Comfortable?  by James Jones

Life Outlook and Relationship Success  by Tim Connor

Von   by Jack Sommerville

Competitive Spirit   by Scott W. Biehl

The ‘Two Things’ Strategy   by Michael D. Hargrove 

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