Workbook Fill-In Sheets, Files, & Worksheets


Workbook Fill-In Sheet (From Our 3-Day Auto Sales Workshop)

Workbook Fill-In Sheet 2015 (From Our 1-Day Auto Sales Workshop)

Workbook Fill-In Sheet 2012 (From Our 1-Day Auto Sales Workshop)

Performance Goals Worksheet (For People In The Car Biz)

Daily Essentials for Sales Success

How to create an effective Meet The Staff page

The Proactive Greeting

Asking For A Testimonial Video

Referral Permission Sheet

Team Recruitment Program

How to create a Cross Promotion Relationship

The Credit Score Questionnaire

Life’s Priorities Exercise Worksheets

Follow Up/Long Term Marketing Outline (Without Digital Marketing Strategies)

YouTube Channel – vCard Set Up

The Steps To The Sale

Business To Business Marketing – Baby Socks Strategy

Personal Branding Questions

Associate Wants Questionnaire

Advertised Unit Sheet

Calling The Referral

Referral Letter Template

Evidence Manual/Powerpoint Guidelines

Equity Mining Phone Strategies

Service Customer Prospecting Call (PR format)

Determining Prospect Needs Questions

Sales Manager Staff Activities Checklist

Sales Department Checklist

Sales Manager Social Selling Checklist

Blank Meeting Planner

Blank Daily Planner (page 1)

Blank Daily Planner (page 2)

Opening Lines That Grab Attention  (For Blogs, Articles, And Newsletters)

Ways To Encourage Marketing, Social Selling, and Self Development