101 Ways to Overcome the Most Common Objections — in the car biz     

Over the past twenty years, this book’s author Michael Hargrove has facilitated advanced sales workshops all across North America that have been attended by thousands of the top salespeople in our field. These have been fully interactive coaching events where seasoned sales professionals, fully committed to our profession, have freely contributed their ideas, experiences, and techniques. Each year, he’s been exposed to tons of outstanding word tracks and strategies that are being put to use every day in markets all over the continent. This book is a compilation of the very best of these word tracks and strategies.    Order Here


The Art of Closing — Negotiation Skills for Automobile Sales Professionals 

This is the book which covers every aspect of the dynamic closing clinic of the same name. Within these pages you’ll learn how to help your customer make the mental buying decision much earlier in the sales process than you’ve ever thought possible. This is a must read for the experienced and the uninitiated alike where you’ll be shown the  secrets to making it easy for your customers to take action on the decisions they’ve already made.  You’ll discover the difference between the “act” of closing and the “art” of closing, helping you to transform your closing abilities into closing mastery.    Order Here


Additional workbooks from Retail Automobile Sales: The Professional’s One Day Workshop.      Order Here


Additional workbooks from Retail Automobile Sales: The Professional’s Workshop (3-Day Bootcamp).      Order Here