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When Customers Ignore You – Five Business Building Tips That Costs Nothing

By Jeff Mowatt Remember the days when people noticed good customer service, talked about it, and most importantly – rewarded you for it?  Happy customers would return and spread the word.  In today’s fast paced world however, people are so rushed moving to the next thing, or so distracted by their mobile devices, that good

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Are You Guilty?

by Tim Connor Every day thousands of salespeople annoy their customers and prospects with a variety of actions, behaviors and decisions. Are you guilty of any of the following? If you are you might want to re-evaluate your selling behavior. Why lose sales or customers needlessly when all that might be necessary are just a

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  From Facebook to Phonebook: How Wingmen Stay Connected by Lt Col Rob “Waldo” Waldman Like many of you, I recently joined the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn craze and it’s been great. I’ve re-connected with old friends from high school, college, and my fighter pilot days, and I’ve also met some very interesting people. And

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A Damaging Admission…

By Bernadette Doyle   In the mid eighties, researchers at Cleveland State University made an astonishing discovery. The researchers created two fictitious job candidates, Dave and John. For each of them they created identical resumes and two almost identical letters of reference. The ONLY difference was that John’s letter included this sentence: ‘Sometimes, John can

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