Finding The Reset Button

by Scott Bradley

Have you ever wished that you could reboot your sales career? Do you find that tackling a new prospect or following up with current clients isn’t exciting anymore? Perhaps the new guys are outselling you, and now both your productivity and attitude are at the bottom of the sales board.  If this is happening to you, maybe it’s time to hit the reset button on your business plan.

We’re all familiar with rebooting a slow running or frozen computer. We simply power it down, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on.  The reboot allows the electrical charge to drain more completely, ideally restoring a computer’s speed and efficiency.  We are not computers, but restoring our productivity and drive can be almost as easy.

A great way to start is by opening a book or reading relevant articles on sales. I’m not referring to the factory-mandated online training courses, or the cursory glance at the new vehicle launch support material. I’m talking about accessing a wealth of great information, much of it free online and relevant to automotive professionals. Doctors, accountants, and attorneys all update their skills as part of a lifelong continuing education requirement.  These professionals know that continuing education also gives them a competitive edge in their field. Maybe they’re on to something?

I recently stopped by a Barnes and Noble to review their available books on sales careers. The Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie classics are still there, yet there are a multitude of new authors with remarkable insights into sales and customer service that are worth a look. If you don’t want to leave the showroom, click on one of many Internet book sites. lists over 2000 titles on sales alone!

Pick-up or click on Daniel H. Pink, “To Sell is Human,” or Jeffrey Gitomer, “21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling.” Both of these titles are well written, relevant and thought provoking.  These authors offer a multitude of ideas that you can use everyday. Their insights into sales and service are inspiring and never lack for “ah ha” moments.  You just may find yourself looking at your sales career with a fresh and perhaps even an overdue perspective.

As sales professionals, we owe our clients, the management, and ourselves a periodic career reboot. Whether we find our personal reset button in books, the Internet or with a gifted trainer, the choice is yours. However you choose, incorporating some form of continuing education in your sales career should become part of your new business plan.



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