Why Do Most Salespeople Fail?

By Rick Gilmore, GSM at Sun Pontiac/GMC (Mesa, AZ)


1. They do not have clear, written goals.
2. They don’t give the job adequate amount of time and give up too soon.
3. They fail to follow up with prospects.
4. They don’t practice their trade.
5. They don’t believe in their product or opportunity.
6. They want to make big bucks with little or no effort.
7. They are unwilling to put in the time.
8. They plan to fail, not to succeed.
9. They are unorganized.
10. They take shortcuts in the selling process.
11. They can’t handle rejection.
12. They don’t listen (two ears, one mouth theory).
13. They don’t invest in their own future (seminars, tapes, books, etc.)

© Copyright 2001 by Rick Gilmore. All rights reserved.