Retail Automobile Sales: The Professional’s One Day Workshop


This dynamic workshop has received accolades from thousands of auto industry professionals throughout the U. S. who already have attended.


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This is a one day advanced sales coaching event designed to be the foundation for a year’s worth of one on one personal remote coaching.

At this workshop, each learner is provided with a light breakfast, a hot sit-down lunch, a six-hour audio program (available by digital download), a workbook (which is updated approximately every fourteen months), a one year subscription to our monthly online newsletter, as well as a one year one on one personal remote coaching contract.

Additionally, this program has been designed with classic adult learning strategies in mind and is designed to modify adult behavior, not just disseminate information. First, we limit the size of this class to around forty-five participants. Then, about 30% of the day is devoted to interactive role plays, interactive exercises, group discussions, and there’s even some homework. We explore some of the best success strategies currently being used by dealerships across the country as well as ways that each participant can quickly and effectively put them to use.

Your sales associates will not only be exposed to new tools and strategies, but also get to witness them in action and experience them first hand! They will be given the what, how, when, and why of each new concept so they can adapt them to their own personality, vocabulary, philosophy, and selling style. This insures that they will leave this workshop with tools they’ll actually be able to use and not just a few days worth of “pump up”.

Some of what you and your associates will learn are as follows:

Rapport Building Skills

  • How to make an empowering first impression
  • Which questions help customers relax and which ones make them defensive
  • How to comfortably help customers to open up
  • How to make determining our customer’s needs a bridge to rapport
  • How to use the 6 universal psychological influencers
  • How to establish profound common ground with each customer
  • How to use active listening skills to help customers feel valued and understood
  • How to pace customer needs or behaviors
  • How to lead customers in a non-confrontational way
  • When to use humor, how to use humor, and which types of humor never to use
  • How to identify and sell to customer temperaments or behavioral styles
  • How to identify the customer’s preferred communication style (NLP)
  • How to communicate in a way that makes it easier for customers to believe us
  • Advanced interpersonal communication skills like; agreement framing, pattern interrupts, embedded commands, psych shifting, positive connecting words, etc.

Overcoming Objections and Closing Skills

    • What objections truly are
    • The major differences between objections “on the lot” and “in the close”
    • The Bypass Technique
    • How to proactively avoid even getting the most common objections
    • Why we need at least five different ways to handle each common objection
    • How to setup and use fall back positions
    • Over 100 current, and effective objection and closing strategies
    • How to create urgency in today’s market
    • How to gain a “today commitment” without using price as the trigger
    • How to build and retain gross profit
    • Quick and easy ways to memorize word tracks

State Management Skills

    • How to target high payoff activities
    • How to devote the majority of personal resources to the present
    • How to use the law of cause and effect to cultivate success
    • How to control and sustain focus
    • How to establish and unconsciously use empowering self-talk
    • How to take advantage of the physiological and psychological link
    • How to establish daily work plans
    • How to use emotional anchors
    • How to employ simple health and fitness routines that work
    • Why regular “quiet time” is essential to success
    • How to identify and internalize a life’s priorities list
    • Goal setting techniques that get results
    • How to use visualizations and affirmations to mold self images
    • The importance of continual education to success


  • How to build a successful business within a business
  • How to develop a loyal repeat & referral customer base
  • Long term marketing strategies
  • The four steps all adults must go through to acquire any new skill or habit
  • How to identify learning styles and ways to accelerate individual learning
  • How to make daily role playing at the dealership effective and fun