Retail Automobile Sales: The Professional’s Bootcamp Workshop (A 3-Day Intensive Course)


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This workshop effectively covers a greater range of topics than is possible in just one day. Included in the tuition is a light breakfast and hot sit-down lunch each day, an audio program of the workshop (available on cassettes, or by digital download), a workbook, and a one year subscription to our monthly online newsletter.

This program has been designed with classic adult learning strategies in mind and is designed to modify adult behavior. About 25% of the program is devoted to interactive role plays and interactive exercises.

Unlike most other seminars offered to the auto industry, this isn’t just some car guy standing up telling stories about how great he is!

Your sales associates will not only be exposed to new tools and strategies, but also witness them in action. They’ll experience them first hand!

They will be given the what, how, and why of each new concept so they can adapt them to their own personality, vocabulary & style and to insure that they will leave with tools they’ll actually use, not just 5 or 6 days of “pump!”

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Personal Motivation Techniques

  • Targeting High Payoff Activities
  • Using The Law of Cause & Effect
  • Controlling & Sustaining Focus
  • Dynamic Self-Talk
  • Daily Work Plans
  • Physiological/Psychological Links
  • Health and Fitness Routines
  • Long & Short Term Goal Setting
  • Identifying Life Priorities
  • Emotional Anchoring
  • Managing Stress
  • Continual Education & MORE!

Basic Selling Skills

  • Empowering First Impressions
  • The Professional Greeting
  • Needs Determination
  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective Demonstrations
  • “Selling The Store”
  • Write-Up Techniques
  • Obtaining “Today” Commitments
  • Basic Closing Techniques

Advanced Selling Skills

  • Control Questions & Tie Downs
  • Embedded Commands
  • Agreement Framing
  • Customer Temperaments
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • The Art of Pacing & Leading
  • Active Listening
  • Pattern Interrupts
  • Overcoming Any Objection
  • Advanced Closing Techniques
  • 48 Closing Word Tracks
  • Closing on the Final Objection

Productive Follow-Up

  • The Magic of the Delivery
  • Lucrative Follow Up Procedures
  • The Referral Gold Mine
  • Professional Telephone Skills
  • Effective Use of E-Mail, Text, Stamp, and Fax
  • Developing Your Own Follow Up System
  • Painless Prospecting and MORE!