Telephone Selling Skills: A Workshop for Automobile Sales Professionals


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In this four, six, or eight hour workshop, your people will be given specific tools and strategies that will enable them to handle today’s phone shopper much more successfully.

Along with more effective ways to get names and numbers, they’ll also learn several different contemporary ways to set firm appointments during the initial phone call or contact. Your people will be able to establish reasons that clearly make it to your customer’s advantage to show for their appointment. We also cover how to use video responses to incoming phone inquiries to crush the competition!

This is an interactive training event. Over half of this workshop is devoted to nonthreatening, interactive role playing. Your people will leave with usable skills (rather than just more information) that will get immediate, measurable results!

Here’s What They’ll Learn:

“Someday we’ll look back at this time…
laugh nervously, and quickly change the subject.”

Basic Telephone Skills


  • How to get information
  • How to set appointments
  • How to control the incoming call
  • Helping our customers to open up
  • Ways to get our customer’s name
  • Ways to get our customer’s number
  • What to sell on the phone
  • Common hurdles to phone mastery
  • And how to avoid them


Specific Phone Strategies

  • “Availability”
  • “Demo”
  • “Switch”
  • “Info Overload”
  • “Specific Unit Availability – Video”
  • “Numbers As Bait”
  • “Numbers As Bait – Trade”
  • “Numbers As Bait – Lease”
  • “Negotiate From Strength”
  • – “Hold Me To It!”
  • – “Commission Sales”
  • – “Professional vs. Amateur”
  • Calling the referral
  • Orphan service customer prospecting
  • Calling the lease end prospect
  • Calling the no-show appointment
  • Calling the equity alert prospect
  • And much more!


How To Quickly Build Rapport On The Phone


  • How to influence our customers
  • The art of pacing & leading
  • How to ID communication styles
  • How to use communication styles
  • Using tone, tempo, volume, etc.
  • How to stand out on the phone
  • Understanding what they want
  • Using our customer’s “reasons”
  • Selling to temperaments




  • How to use video responses to crush the competition
  • How to leave voicemail/videomail that compels our prospect to call us back
  • How to increase our appointment show rate
  • How to make role playing effective and fun
  • The four steps to acquiring any new skill or habit