How to Recruit, Hire, Train, & Retain the 21st Century Sales Team

This is 13 hours of content, delivered privately over two days, designed specifically to help your sales managers to more successfully build, develop, and manage a modern automotive sales force. We will teach them how to maintain a pipeline of potential additions to their team, how to train and develop their existing team, and how to easily manage their team’s sales and marketing activities on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.



Some of what you and your sales managers will learn are as follows:

Hiring an Effective Sales Team

● Establishing key attributes required for the dealership’s sales people
● Creating effective ads that attract and screen the right candidates
● Exploring other sources for new talent
● The initial phone interview
● Designing the first interview to screen for the established key attributes
● Implementing screening tests
● How to evaluate a candidate’s responses
● Making reference checks easy and effective
● Designing the second interview to further screen for the established key attributes

Managing an Effective Sales Team

● Establish key attributes required for the dealership’s sales people
● Establish minimum performance standards (unit sales, shown appointments, certifications, etc.)
● Maximizing your team’s strengths
● Before shift meetings – what to cover and how
● Incoming phone/e-mail procedures that get appointments (not just names & phone #s)
● How to effectively follow up on the unsold (immediate need) customer
● How to effectively mine orphan customers
● Establishing follow up procedures that can be monitored
● Identifying high payoff activities
● Time management skills that are transferable
● Managing your team’s time
● How to make sure that the floor and the phones are adequately covered… always
● Desking tailored to the individuals involved
● Desking best practices

Developing/Retaining an Effective Sales Team

● How to make training effective and fun (Train the trainer)
● The initial training session
● The ongoing training investment
● Monitoring and evaluating daily activities
● Establishing individual long term goals (weekly, monthly, annually)
● Establishing meaningful individual weekly activity goals
● Establishing meaningful individual monthly production goals
● The importance of formal weekly evaluations
● How to perform formal weekly evaluations
● How to perform month’s end written evaluations
● Discovering why people really stay or leave
● Making bonuses or spiffs meaningful
● How to identify the right candidates for promotion

Long Term Marketing Process

● How to effectively follow up on the sold customer
● Redefining and identifying customers, clients, and fanatics
● Choosing the appropriate contact intervals for each customer subset
● Working the referral gold mine
● Developing the methods of contact realistic for each associate (for long term compliance)
● How to use digital and traditional marketing strategies
● Creating a reoccurring message tailored to each individual associate
● Setting (and keeping accountable for) specific long term marketing goals and tasks
● Establishing a sales and marketing culture on the sales floor


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