Attendee Comments – March ’14 – Boise

“Eight times attending this workshop and I always learn something new for my toolbox! Michael Hargrove has worn our shoes. He gets it!! See you next year, and thanks!”
Karen “Big Mama” Martin, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet


“I really enjoyed the objection and new negotiation steps. Those are things that will help me sell more cars right away. I am still figuring out the best write up/negotiation tactics to hold more gross and close more deals.”
Ethan Delamarter, Sales/Leasing – Lyle Pearson Autoshow


“Thanks again, Michael! It’s always a great experience whether learning new things or brushing up. I would love to attend your social media/entertainment age (don’t know what to call it) workshop. I will be moving forward with branding and marketing myself individually. I’ll stay in touch.”
Tommy MacDonald, Sales Consultant – Edmark Superstore


“Good info. I look forward to the interaction in the upcoming year.”
Dave Louie, Sales Consultant – Edmark Superstore


“I do not like the way some of the salesmen spoke. To be frank, they sounded like pompous you-know-whats. Also, I feel as though the rest of the class went well. Repetition bored me but may have been good for others. Everyone has a different learning curve. I guess that’s what I have to say for being in a man’s world. Maybe I will open up to the idea more. I can say for the comment above I will never buy from Team.”
Lauren Kaylor, Sales Assistant – Lyle Pearson Boise


“Loved it! Always right on point. Thanks, Michael, for the best practices.”
Chris Sanford, Internet Sales Manager – Peterson Chevrolet


“This is my third time attending Michael Hargrove’s foundational workshop. Great stuff!”
Nick Puga, Sales – Edmark Superstore


“Great class, just a little too much all at once. It’s a lot to retain, but a very good class.”
Kenneth D. Pederson, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet


“Great job! I think the class was a little scared to get involved, but the information was solid.”
Eddie Forkerway, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet


“Motivation in motion! Don’t be scared to try new things!”
Craig Clapier, Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru


“This was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed all of the details.”
Elizabeth Olivo, Internet Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru


“This is very helpful. I have already incorporated some techniques and the have worked and made a difference.”
David Mathias, Sales – Larry Miller Honda


“Maybe not in Nampa (for the next events). I think at least not here again.”
Jerad McCartney, Credit Specialist – Larry Miller Honda


“Even better than last time!”
Doug Waugh, Sales – Edmark Cadillac


“It was great!”
Tim Laming, Sales Consultant – Peterson Chevrolet