Attendee Comments – May ’14 – Tacoma


“I’m looking forward to working with you, also getting my future questions answered.”
Chris Weiler, Sales – MD Autosales


“Room was too cold … Hard to pay attention.”
Prince Kennedy Parker, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Honda


“Even after attending this workshop annually for twelve years, I still learned something new!”
Kelly Stewart, Master Sales Associate – Burien Toyota


“I am not satisfied; was almost exact 90% same as last time. Book, topic main lines were the same as last year. Not worth cost of money or time. Actually let down with this experience!”
Joe Buckner, Sales – South Tacoma Honda


“Love the workshop, I can never get enough of it, it helps me always as a refresher to improve myself. Thanks.”
David Ajibade, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura


“Glad that it wasn’t in Seattle.”
Joy Jackson, Sales – Sunset Chevy


“I feel more confident in doing my job.”
Rob Cramer, Sales – Volkswagen of Puyallup


“Food needs attention – cold, late.”
Cheryl Martin, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Honda


“Not as interactive for F & I. Great content for sales. Excited to see what content that I can apply.”
Sarah Nichols, F & I – South Tacoma Honda


“Digital footprint information was great.”
Sam Rutherford, Sales Consultant – Riverside Ford


“Very helpful information.”
Jesse Regalado, Salesperson – Burien Toyota


“My experience was overall great!! The advantages and video marketing examples helped the most. :)”
Ed Merservey, Sales – Sunset Chevrolet


“Refreshed ideas. Current best practices. Michael is concerned about helping ME get better.”
Buzz Nielsen, Training Manager – Sunset Chevy


“It will help me step up & take charge of situations that have been needed since start of sales position, which is a lot. Thank you Mr. Hargrove.”
Ted Hayward, Sales – Burien Chevrolet


“Good job. A lot forgotten now remembered.”
David Cowen, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma


“A great class + presentation, as usual. Today it seemed a little rushed, but besides that, I learned a ton. It’s a great reminder to continue best practices.”
Bill Coulombe, Salesperson – Burien Chevrolet


“Would like more time to go more in depth – Great presentation & great knowledge – Kept my attention throughout.”
Patrick Gibble, Sales – Riverside Ford


“I love that we get up to date information. Best practices really help to know what’s working and not working.”
Sharon Daniels, Customer Relations Manager – Burien Toyota


“Great information offered in an engaging way. Even after nine years in sales, I’m surprised I’ve learned this much. The workbook is a great reference to hone my skills and revisit the studied material.”
Abdi Hussein, Sales Rep. – Burien Toyota


“A great number of good ideas was a good assessment of the condition of the car business.”
Jack Yeager, Sales – Riverside Ford


“Great tempo, relaxed atmosphere, makes for a great learning experience.”
Brian Ebbs, Sales – Larson Toyota


“I learn more and improve each time I come.”
Roger Stone, Sales Associate – Burien Toyota


“I learned a lot about overcoming objections, and putting video on YouTube.”
Timur Muradov, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“Great for first time. Picked up a lot of great ideas and how to learn them.”
Ken Wastradowski, Sales Crew Chief – Sunset Chevy


“Learned good techniques and word tracks for everyday objections. Effective ways to use a variety of media. Effective greeting and listening to set expectations for customers, beginning with meet and greet.”
David Burglin, Sales – Burien Toyota


“Always a pleasure! Can’t wait ’til next year. Thanks again.”
Kevin Shaw, Sales – Burien Chevy


“Had a great time, food could have been better, thanks for coming out. Very great information. Excited to use the material.”
Austin Witters, Sales Floor – Toyota of Tacoma


“Loved it”
Ryan Nielsen, Sales – Sunset Chevrolet