Attendee Comments – October ’13 – Portland


“It was extremely informational. I enjoyed it and would encourage anyone in any type of sales to attend this workshop.”
Richard Novak, Sales – Broadway Toyota


“I learned a lot! This could easily be expanded to a 2 or 3 day course. I had a lot of fun!”
Cody Prindel, Salesman – Alan Webb Mazda


“As someone who has been in sales forever, but new to the car industry, I feel like I could have used these techniques for the past five years not just selling products, but also myself in all areas of life!”
Faith Spencer, Sales – Acura of Portland


“I’m grateful for this information and excited about putting it into practice. I am also pleasantly surprised to learn that there is follow up coaching help for any questions to follow.”
Emily Gribben, Sales – Vancouver Ford


“The training itself was awesome, 10s across the board. The seats were very uncomfortable though. I found I couldn’t stay seated because of the hardness of the chairs.”
William J. Booth, Sales – Acura of Portland


“Informative, comfortable delivery, and engaging. The pace was sometimes a bit slow otherwise reasonable. I wish there was a little more time to cover the workbook material. I appreciated the new ideas and delivery techniques. Lots for me to learn!”
Todd Fitzgerald, Sales – Tonkin Fiat


“I’m always learning more! I liked touching on the learning topics so I know just how to study and eventually incorporate the material habitually into my sales routine. I may not want to be in car sales forever, however, I can easily see my using a lot of this material in my future sales career (maybe medical sales?)”
Courtney B. Peters, Internet Sales & Leasing Manager – Courtesy Ford/Lincoln


“This was a very valuable beginning to a long lasting selling relationship.”
Bano Boucsieguez, Professional Salesman – Alan Webb Mazda


“I would’ve liked more roleplay just to help practice. Everything else was great!”
Dalal Abou-Jamous, Sales – Broadway Toyota


“I am very new to the business and this was a great crash course, as well as a chance for more seasoned sales people to gain new skills. Thanks!”


“I’ve learned a lot of things that I can easily put to use in my sales career.”
Rolly Corre, Sales – Broadway Toyota


“A great skills tune up!”
Steve Ferraro, Internet Sales – Courtesy Ford


“Great delivery of good content. I definitely picked up some tools to use!”
Joss Greene, New Car Sales Manager – Tonkin Fiat


“Great flow. I cannot wait to put all of this to use!”
Anthony St. John, Internet Manager – Courtesy Ford/Lincoln


“Fantastic information and not enough time in the day to cover it all! I think if a class does not ask for needs assessment and active listening skills, it is only from unconscious incompetence. They just don’t know how much it is costing them. As a trainer, you should always expose them to it.”
Randy May, Sales – Dick’s Auto Group


“Very helpful, and insightful. The morning modules were a bit too long but overall it was very good new information.”
Thomas McHugh, Salesperson – Broadway Toyota


“Very useful and good experience.”
Roger Ranne, Sales – Vancouver Ford


“Excellent and thank you very much!”
Sam Nejad, Sales – Broadway Toyota


“I’m very new to this business and I’m glad I attended this workshop because I feel it will provide me tools to get a head start. I won’t be overwhelmed by this business as it can seem sometimes when you’re new. Michael is awesome! Thanks!”
Jordan Casner, Sales – Tonkin Fiat