Attendee Comments – September ’99 – Olympia



“Michael, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; this is a life changing seminar and I’m glad to refresh my memory and at the same time learn new tools. My 4th time coming but not my last! Thank you once again. Lifetime member, Josh.”
Joshua Leader, Sales (four time graduate) – Five Star Chevrolet/Toyota

“Helpful to someone who can come with an open mind!”
Chris Nicholson, Sales – Five Star Ford/Lincoln/Mercury

“The information on maintaining peak performance state was exactly what I needed. Thank you.”
Andrea Brush, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Olympia

“Michael did a great job!”
Tracy Robison, Salesman – Gootee Chevrolet

“Michael was well prepared and very enthusiastic. I feel better about myself and will motivate others to a new level of consciousness. Thanks Michael!”
John Condon, Used Car Manager – Rainier Nissan/Mazda

“Very rewarding and uplifting for anyone who wants a true career in car sales. Not the first time I have been and will not be the last. Thanks!”
Doug Doolin, Sales (three time graduate) – Lincoln/Mercury of Olympia

“Terrible food. Hotel was pretty cruddy!”

“Of all the seminars I have gone to, Michael’s been the best so far. He is very knowledgeable, creative, and understanding. I left feeling great and ready to put what he gave me into action.”
Toby J. Reach, Sales Associate – Five Star Ford

“I really enjoyed this workshop!”
Jennifer Slater-Braun, Customer Relations Manager – Hanson Motors

“It will help me move to the next level!”
Vern Carlson, Assistant Manager – Five Star Ford

“This seminar has given me a very healthy & positive attitude about myself. I’ve found some of my weaknesses and how to get better prepared to deal with them. It’s also showed me that I often take myself and my position way too seriously and that I’d really lost touch with just how blessed I am to be where I am; alive, healthy, employed, happy and ready to try many new things.”
Gary L. Quick, Floor Manager – Five Star Ford/Lincoln/Mercury

“I just wanted to thank you and this company for having workshops like this to help me become a better professional sales rep. I know that it’s all up to me to make it work. Wish me luck.”
Roger Terance, Sales Rep. – Five Star Motors

“I feel this will help me a lot in my work and at home. It has brought back a lot of ideas that I had when younger. From now on I will be more positive.”
Michael J. Hughes, Sales – Gootee Chevrolet

“Second time student! Not only did the first time increase my sales, closing ratios, etc., but helped immensely with my family life. My interaction with people in general has improved. I would recommend the workshop for anyone in car sales.”
Jeff Matison, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Saturn of Olympia

“I’m just getting started in this field of sales. The info you provided has laid a good foundation to start a promising career. Thanks again for your time and preparation.”
Dave Van Gieson, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Olympia

“Of all the workshops I’ve attended, this was by far the most inspiring. Not only in the car business but also in my personal life. I WILL implement what I’ve learned!”
Mike Priebe, Sales – Hanson Motors

“It was very insightful and enlightening. I will use the techniques and suggestions to learn and to grow. You are a great inspiration. Continue your great work. It was a pleasure to have met you. I will see you the next time around.”
Keith Coury

“I enjoyed every part of this learning experience.”
Ed Boyer, Sales Consultant – Five Start Motors, Inc.

“I have been in sales for over 30 years and I’ve never learned enough. I have attended several workshops. This one I feel is very filling.”
Theron Petrina, Sales – Five Star Ford

“Michael is excellent. I can’t wait to use his ideas.”
Ted Bicknell, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Olympia

“It was great!”
Randall E. Craig, Sales Manager – Five Star Ford

“This was the first seminar I have attended and I really enjoyed it. I have a lot more tools in my toolbox now.”
Kimberly Henness, Sales Rep. – Five Star Ford

“Great information. Awesome motivational speaker. Life changing applications. Good interaction with group.”
Brian Johnson, Sales – Five Star Motors

“(Will) be back-loved Michael!”
Jeff Kirkwood, Salesman – Five Star Ford

“Thank you!”
Trent Hamilton, Sales Rep. – Five Star Chevrolet

“It was a pleasure and I hope I could experience it again! I know I will.”
Damon L. Gleason, Sales – Five Star Ford

“It will certainly change the way that I look at life and my job!”
Jared W. Luther, Salesman – Five Star Chevrolet/Toyota

“You are all a blessing!”
Roger Coulson, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Olympia

“Very knowledgeable, good information. Good program for the type of work we do.”
Rick Dunlap, Sales Rep.

“Great exercise – greet yourself in the morning. Attitude – the way you do anything is the way you do every thing.”
Tony Petrina, Sales Manager – Five Star

“Very motivating. If I get one thing out of this it was worth it. And I have already found it worthwhile. Did that make sense?”
George Warnell, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Olympia

“I had a good time and learned a lot.”
John Alexander, Sales Rep. – Five Star Ford/Mercury

“I really enjoyed this workshop!”
Dal Carr, Sales – Five Star Ford

“I am new to the car business. This was a great experience. I will try to grow with this and will practice it everyday.”
Eric Byrd, Salesman – Five Star

“It’s just the beginning!”
Robert J. Edwards, Assistant Sales Manager – Gootee Chevrolet/Pontiac/Buick

“Enjoyed and learned things I know will help in my journey!”
Tony Cole, Sales Associate – Five Star Ford

“Superb! I would have preferred to take notes elsewhere, but it was hard to do and follow book.”
Dale Colbert, Sales Guy – Saturn of Olympia