Attendee Comments – July ’99 – Tacoma

“Great to see you once again. I picked up some new things that will help me become a better manager and husband.”
Jerry Gibson, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Larson Dodge

“Michael’s use of techniques combined with people skills borders on brilliant. This is my second attendance and through the application of a large majority of the assets I acquired here, I’ve moved from the bottom 3rd in our store to the top three, and I am only into my 20th month in the auto retail business.”
Chris Estrada, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“Michael, it is always a pleasure to get a re-affirmation into the more sophisticated side of car sales and to reinforce one of the main keys to my success in the car business: the fact that at my age (48) I can continue to absorb and embrace new ideas and remain a student.”
Rick Thompson, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Michael has a unique way of delivering his teachings in a way where it’s as if he is speaking directly to you. His use of humor and real life stories keeps the 8 hour class fresh and exciting. It is obvious his seminars are focused on his sincere love of human beings and he is truly intent on improving our lives both personally and professionally.”
Bill White, Sales (two time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Acura

“I’ve heard the tape set and was impressed. Seeing it live clarified the questions and helped make more sense of everything. It was simple and to the point, which is a very hard thing to do with the load of information taken in.”
Robbie Davidson, Salesman – Auto Plus Superstore

“Incredible ideas to use at work and in my home life. This workshop is the only one I have experienced that has changed the way in which I will live my life. Sincerely, there are some major personal home problems that I will be able to deal with in a new and positive way. There truly was a reason I was in this seat today – more than I could ever tell you!”
Pat Dillon, General Sales Manager – Burien Toyota

“I’ve been to many workshops and this one touched bases on most of the things I learned in the past, all in one day!”
Gary J. Whitwell, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“I have been to many “sales” training classes in the past, and I would have to say that the content and delivery was one of the best. Thank you!”
Ken Michelson, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“I have a better perspective on different aspects of sales and psychology. Prioritizing and time management in work and personal life.”
Jess Manalastas, Retail Auto Sales – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler/Plymouth

“Very helpful and informative. What I’ve learned today will improve my personal and professional relationships.”
Joseph Legrand, Sales Consultant – Robert Larson’s C/P

“(This) workshop was great! I have been to others out there and they don’t compare. I will take what he said home with me and along to work!”
Ronnie Olmos, Fleet Manager/Internet Specialist – Mallon Ford

“It doesn’t just teach you how to sell to people, it teaches you how to relate to people.”
Melanie L. Mitchell, Sales Consultant – Tacoma Dodge

“Always good to have a personal training coach. Like you said, if we (salespeople who attended) are going to benefit from it we have to apply it! Thank you!”
Sam Mandarang, Sales (four time graduate) – Tacoma Dodge

“Getting back in touch with myself and other important things is again a priority.”
Eric Davis, Sales Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“This will definitely help to get me restarted in life. I was on top of the world once…I’ll be there again by revisiting and reinstating these concepts and ideas that I have used in the past and for whatever reason had forgotten. Thanks for the boost!”
Dave Seeman, Salesman (two time graduate)- Mallon Ford

“Very fulfilling!”
Robert Ziegler, Sales & Leasing – Hinshaw’s Honda

“This is the first workshop I’ve been to and I found it to be great and I would pay for it again. I intend to be in sales for a long time and if I utilize these tools it will be very enriching to my success in business and in life!”
Darnell Carter, Sales Consultant – Friendly Chevrolet

“This was very helpful and I will apply as much as possible.”
Therron Horne, Car Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“The second time around and 2 ´ additional years in the business makes a big difference. I am more excited this time to use the skills that I have learned than I was the first time through the course. Thanks Michael. I’m always learning.”
Cindy Beckwith, Sales (two time graduate) – Friendly Chevrolet

“This has helped me refocus ideas I have learned in the past and developed new ones!”
Darren Matthews, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler

“This is my second time attending Michael’s workshop. Over the last year there have been ideas or word tracks learned at this workshop that I have used in my business that has clinched car deals and earned me thousands of dollars. I look forward to returning next year!”
Joe Kobeski, Sales Consultant (two time Graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“I thought there was a great amount of useful information. The only thing I would recommend is to possibly have 2 seminars at different times for half a day and half the price. It was difficult to keep my attention to where it needed to be to absorb all the information you had to offer over a whole day.”
Vince Falda, Sales – Burien Toyota

“I personally did not come to the event seeking any great revelation, rather to find an idea or two to help me along my path. At this time I am not sure that I have achieved this. That will require time for study and reflection. But I don’t feel my day had been misused. Thanks.”
Brian Appleby, Sales/Mentor – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler/Plymouth

“Very motivating, less “training” than I expected. Instilled compassion and a real feel good program. Would love to listen for days.”
Bill Allen, Sales – Gene Pankey Motor Company

“Forgive me for noticing, but you did not address my question on prostitution at all. The root cause of it and what can be done to sell the car instead of price. You segued to low balling (good stuff) and missed my point completely (or avoided it). My point is why be afraid to sell the value and not only price! Rather it is typical for weak sales people to quickly stoop to an invoice based buying experience. This is not price fixing – it’s give away fixing!”
Mike Cook, Professional Sales – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“I really enjoyed the parts of the program about State Management and Empowering Self Talk and Emotional Control. I feel this will be my area of greatest improvement. I have often wondered about why I was feeling down and sometimes up for no apparent reason. Now I have a better understanding and the tools to control my thoughts and emotions.”
Charlie Albert, Sales Rep. – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler

“Good refresher of existing basics.”

“Very helpful. Best I have ever been to.”
Jim Gardner, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler

“It’s always a great eye opener and I learn a little more each time. I’ll be a lifetime student.”
Glenn Burkard, Sales (three time graduate) – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Great learning experience. Looking forward to attending again.”
Charles Foster, Sales Consultant – Malon Ford

“WOW! What a training performance. It was very motivational and moving to hear Michael. Thanks Bro!”

“Had a great time and I learned quite a bit. I’ll see ya next year, Michael!”
Robert Campbell, Jr., Sales – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Attended for the 2nd time. Picked up more this time than the first! Quality presentation by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and caring individual. Thank you Michael!”
Pat Johnson, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Gene Pankey Motor company

“Refreshing, looking through other’s eyes, taking on other views from other sales professionals.”

“Enjoyed your wisdom and insight into ourselves. A shot in the arm for self improvement.”
Scott Goodroad, Sales (two time graduate) – Mallon Ford

“Great ability to inspire me through examples, stories, and material. I feel charged and recharged. Thank you.”
Ted Klarich, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Burien Toyota

“Great learning and re-learning experience! Class size was okay. I think I liked the size of the class last year better, it was smaller. It’s about time Michael came back! The overall delivery of today’s workshop helped me regain focus. I want the tapes on “CD” format.”
Duane Cruz, Internet Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Great! Even better then the last one! A+ job! Thanks very much.”
Michael Deocampo, Internet Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Harnish Automotive Group

“I would maybe break the episode into two 4 hour days, due to the comfort factor and the length of time in one spot. I loved Michael’s presentation and wide resource of sales techniques knowledge.”
Kieran Regan, Sales Consultant – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I really enjoyed myself and realize your life changes only when you’re ready for it. Thank you Michael!”
Wil Blackmon, Salesman – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Keep learning, keep up the good work!”
Ted Culmer, Salesman – Tacoma Dodge

“Your material is very inspiring and if put to use can create peak performance in everyone. I challenge everyone that attends to use the wonderful material that you provide.”
Sterling Alexander, Sales – Auto Plus

“It was something that I needed to save me. God sent it to me at the last moment. It is an inspiring experience and I feel obligated, emotionally and as a person who loves people, to pass this on to those that are important to me. A+! It was great! BRAVO!”
Milica Micic, Sales Person – Tacoma Dodge

“Customers wanted: will train. So often we lose track of how to fulfill our job requirements. We really blame the customer for not wanting to buy a car, when in actuality, it is us that needs to sell, not clerk.”
Paul H. Pineda, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“This is my second visit and I find Michael very informative. I like the way he ties work and play together.”
Mike Luddington, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“Management should have their own day or preview separately. Also they should come with sales staff. They won’t release in front of their staff.”
Kele Kanno, Sales – Larson Group

“Great workshop! I would recommend to anyone and will attend next year! Thanks Michael!”
Jason Barker, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“Michael, again it was a pleasure to be a part of your seminar. I picked up one new tool and we re-chromed the rest!”
Leon Wierusz, Sales (five time graduate) – Larson Dodge

“Good material.”
Mike Gnoinsky, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I have been in sales for a year now. Although everyday has been a learning experience, I learned more today than I have during that entire time!”
Jim Lyons, New Car Sales – Larson Chrysler/Plymouth

“This will help my professional abilities and my personal relationships.”
Carlos Castillo, Salesman – Friendly Chevrolet

“I really needed it.”
Craig Wilson, Salesman – Gene Pankey Motor Co.

“I have 19 years in the car business. This is a great program. I wish I could get my sales staff to use this and invest in themselves. Great stuff! Can’t wait until next time.”
Pat Richmond, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Pacific Coast Ford

“Michael Hargrove’s seminar is a winner! For work and for home…Thanks. I look forward to him each year!”
Grant Pritchard, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“Loved the 1st time! Loved the 2nd time even more! Looking forward to the next!! Michael Hargrove put into perspective the tools I knew I had so I can easily use them to reach for the top and stay there!”
Steve Hobson, Sales/Internet Consultant (two time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup