Attendee Comments – October ’99 – Lynnwood

“I really thought that this was going to be a drag. I have, over the last 20 or so years, been to many (motivational, sales, spiritual) training seminars. I believe this one to be the most rewarding as well as most useful workshop I have attended to date. Thank you.”
Casey Wilkins, Sales – University VW/Audi

“Thank you for your time, energy, and enthusiasm. I feel I have a good deal to learn but this program provides the tools for personal and professional advancement.”

“Thank you Michael for this great experience. Not only priceless content for my profession but also for my life and for personal happiness. I wish more people around me could experience this!”
Brain Danielson, Sales Rep. (two time graduate) – Everett Chevrolet

“Michael is a very compelling speaker and the course was informative. I was a bit disappointed, though, that much of the content is included in Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power, but I guess truth is truth. Michael’s strength more than makes up for any minor disappointment.”
Mike Cawley, Sales – Alley Chevrolet

“This was my second time back and definitely worth the time and money. Michael shows a genuine concern for each individual’s needs and wants. This is an actual learning experience!”
Pat Tenud, Sales (two time graduate) – Acura of Bellevue

“Much of the material is found in almost all workshops of this nature. It was nice to get a different perspective on common challenges. We do need to be reminded that we must first value ourselves if we are to value and serve others. Top notch presentation!”
Kenneth Ivey, Sales & Leasing Exec. – Lexus of Seattle

“The small room size was great. It gave you a real hands on experience.”
Noel Carvalho, Sales – Magic Toyota

“Other than breathing, learning more about ‘self’ to improve relationships on the lot and off the lot pays off handsomely in the long run. I’m looking forward to seeing Michael next year. In the meantime, listen to the tapes!”
Joel Wasti, Internet Manager (three time graduate) – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“Just the wake up call I’ve needed!”
Jerry DaPalma, Salesperson – University VW/Audi

“I had the flu but I did not want to leave because it was so great!”
Cayce Miller , Sales – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“The major point I’d like to make is the usefulness of this material in my life and not just in auto sales. Most important is the idea I got in dealing with people and my own family.”
Patrick Moran, Sales – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“Great information was exchanged.”
Anonymous, Sales – Magic Toyota

“This workshop was great. I will use it to my advantage.”
Jane Cyktich, Sales – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“Puts me in deep thought – not just nuts and bolts – different type of training – enjoyable.”
Roger Fossum, Salesman – Lexus of Seattle

“Reminds me to prepare better for work and work effectively while working. Most importantly, balance family and work life, with the priority on the family and other big rocks.”
Chris Appia, Sales – Everett Chevrolet

“Again, Michael was great and full of energy!”
Jim Jaycox, Fleet Manager (three time graduate) – Dodge of Bellevue

“Great emotion, passion, and thought provoking time. Thanks for bringing in the human side.”
David Gustafson, Sales – Lexus of Seattle

“I wish this was a weekly class!”
Tom Simmon, Sales – Dwayne Lane Chevrolet

“It definitely hits the high points of today’s challenges in the industry. I’m sure I’ll be completely informed once I internalize the workbook.”
Alexander Gallegos, Sales Manager – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“Great Workshop!”
Daniel Canoy, Sales – Milam Olds

“(I was) impressed that many of the concepts & suggestions were not only important in the car business but in our lives & personal relationships.”
Richard Bissing, Sales Exec. – Lexus of Seattle

“I think it will help overcome many objections down the road.”
Adam Sether, Salesman – Alley Chevrolet

Rich Moore, GSM – Lexus of Seattle


“Great help. Now I must apply it!”
Lee Baunsgard, Sales – Alley Chevrolet

“I originally signed up for the class and was not able to attend because too many other co- workers went and we had staffing issues. So I was going to attend next year. Someone called and offered another opportunity now. Although scheduling was tough, I’m glad I came! Thanks!”
Traci Lawrence, Finance Manager – Barrier Motors

“Many useful new tools for a better life and $”
Dutch Hale, Sales – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“Unbelievable, organized, informative.”
Tom Hoang, Sales – Magic Toyota

“It extremely changed the way I look at everything!”
Jerry Millar, Salesman – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“A lot of useful information! THANK YOU!”
Niki Hurst, Sales – Puyallup Nissan

“Repetition of Tony Robbins. Good refresher. Material not new.”
Wayne Yonke, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Seattle

“I don’t know that it helped me as a salesman as much as I’d hoped, more than it helped me be a better person in day to day living. I felt it was 50% sales training, and 50% behavioral training. In terms of sales training, I’m disappointed. In behavioral training, I’m thrilled.”
Mark Murray, Salesman – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“It was really great but make more practical in how to handle customers.”
John Yi, Salesman – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“This was a great experience, not only for sales, but for real life too! Thank you!”
Melissa Schafer, Sales Rep. – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“Let’s not waste so much time on the referred material in this guide.”
Bill Fishman, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Jeep

“Slow start but the afternoon picked-up nicely. Great info. I am glad I spent the time here.”
Edgar Ovitt