Attendee Comments – September 2016 – Portland


“Efficient, interactive, up-to-date seminar. I am glad that I signed up. Michael Hargrove delivered a professional, upbeat and highly energetic performance. A tremendous learning experience.”
Enzo Essathi, Sales and Leasing Consultant – Dick Hannah VW

“As always Mike delivered with all the info I was looking for. The one on one coaching is the best.”
Nicholas Blystone, Sales – Dick Hannah VW

“It is so cold in here I can’t even focus. 9.9 overall.”
Erinn Shea, Internet – Alan Webb Nissan

“Everything was great! Never a bad or dull moment.”
Wade Fish, Internet Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“Wonderful workshop! ”
Stefanie Vermillion, Internet Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“It was a very informative experience. We got given a lot of tools to use in our daily lives, work and personal.”
Tom Madison, Sales – Dick’s Ford Auto Group

“This was a great learning experience and I would recommend this workshop to every salesman.”
Aaron “Ozzy” Osburn, Sales Associate – Dicks Mackenzie Ford

“Very amazing teacher! Learned something new today.”
Rene Nicolas, Sales – Dick’s Hillsboro Hyundai

“I will need time to really use these techniques to their full potential. I’m a slow learner so I will keep practicing with Michael until I am proficient.”
Esai Raminez, Sales Consultant – Dicks Mackenzie Ford

“Mike helps you understand the content, doesn’t just spout the material. Thank you!”
Alan Bradway, Brand Specialist – Tonkin Fiat

“I will be able to use the techniques I learned today in my everyday customer sales interactions.”
Kaili Eilano, Sales – Tonkin Fiat

“Very informative! Thanks Mike!”
Jordan Bral, Sales – Tonkin Fiat

“Fantastic! Well worth the investment in my future! Great talking points, and objection coverage!”
LaLena Stewart, Sales Associate – Alan Webb Chevrolet

“Answered all of our questions and made sure everyone understood. It was a great class and very useful.”
Gurme, Sales – Gresham Subaru

“Exceeded my expectations, great content deliverd in an engaging manner. Couldn’t be any better!”
Douglas Hammet, Lead Upgrade Specialist – Gresham Toyota

“We covered a lot of information. I felt there were a lot of reiterations of things I already knew. While always being beneficial to review content, I left wanting more. Thankfully, I look forward to continued growth with the continued coaching services.”
Derick Watson, Sales Associate – Dick’s Hillsboro Hyundai

“The energy, engagement, material, and the mentor are all very useful, as well as valuable. Grateful to be a part of this band-wagon! Genuine connection with his individuals that choose to be a part of his beneficial program. Advice learned here may easily be applied in many aspects of life….not just business. ”
Patrick Belle-Isle, Sales Associate – Dick’s Hillsboro Hyundai