Attendee Comments – September 2016 EDF – Portland


“Great, new material since last year.”
Steve Davis, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah Kia

“Learned more in this workshop than any other automotive workshop I’ve attended. Fantastic! Thank you!”
Stefanie Vermillion, Internet Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“Michael is great! Awesome info and solid delivery. I learned so much and cannot wait to start using these practices daily! Thanks Michael!”
Wade Fish, Internet Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“Really glad to have attended. Some great knowledge guys in the room!”
LaLena Stewart, Sales – Alan Webb Chevrolet

“Great ideas and methods to both bring in prospects and create sales.”
Joseph Hoffman, Sales Associate – Dick’s Mackenzie Ford

“I was skeptical about the class because I’m not a very good classroom learner. I was pleasantly surprised. The energy was good and the information was valuable.”
John Bain, Sales – Alan Webb Chevrolet

“The only reason it was too much was because of after lunch to lack of concentration on my part.”
Peter Newman, Sales – Alan Webb Nissan

“Everything was great”
Tom Hurley, Sales – Alan Webb Nissan

“Great information! Tons of useful content that I’m excited to apply going forward.”
Derick Watson, Sales Associate – Dick’s Auto Group

“I saw the Mike…he opened up my eyes. I saw the Mike! He is Mr. Hargrove. He sure knows how to show the love! “you know like the song?” opens your eyes, shows you the sign…picture is more clear on how to succeed! Thank you Mr. Hargrove!”
Patrick Belle-Isle, Sales – Dicks Hillsboro Hyundai

“Thank you!”
Bob Snyder, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah Kia