Attendee Comments – July 2016 EDF – Lynnwood


“As always, Michael stays current with market, customers, and ideas that make you better!”
Gabriel Moreno, Sales Manager – Lynnwood Honda

“If you want a trainer to pump you up and make you feel like you’re the greatest…this is the wrong class! Michael will challenge your thinking, punch you right between the eyes about your bad habits, and give you usable new tools to actually make you the greatest, given your effort.”
Shar Jenkins, Sales Pro – George Gee Auto Direct

“I suggest you split this class up; high tech people vs. not. Some people are not informed at all about technology. Have hand outs: how to make a vCard, how to make a YouTube channel, etc. You are obviously a person of great integrity. You rock!”

“Fun and exciting. I’m looking forward to applying these techniques to my day to day sales process.”
Lance Frigard, Commercial Vehicle Manager – Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood

“Very good video and website examples, very important content to be exposed to.”
Mark Baker, Sales – Lynnwood Honda

“The material was good for the different levels of social media involvement. You should recap with the easy things to start with. Would have loved a breakfast buffet!”
Adam Low, Internet Sales – Magic Toyota

“This class was AMAZING!! The wealth of information, applicability, and networking were superb! With the study material, I’ve already started practicing, drilling, and rehearsing the material. Michael is a gem to the craft and the industry.”
Michael Jones, Sales – Xit Consulting, LLC

“Worth every penny! I look forward to learning more and creating/prospecting traffic.”
Lucas Millar, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s CDJR

“I learned a ton and look forward to using this information.”
Tom Sneddon, Sales Consultant – Dwayne Lane’s Automotive

“Loved it! Thank you!”
Patti Sroufe, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s CDJR

“Plenty of useful information!”
Matt Brenchley, Salesperson – Lynnwood Honda

“Michael is great, very informative!”
Owen Siegrist, Sales – Foothills Toyota

“Thank you for the experience,”
Jason Peters, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s

“It’s always enjoyable being able to connect with such successful and knowledgeable people. Michael is a champion and his services are well needed for anyone looking to learn.”
Andrew Jenkins, Sales Professional – Champion Auto Events

Kamore Chamberlain, Customer Experience Manager – Performance Kia

“I learned a lot but thought we were going to create videos. We didn’t and I still don’t know how to use my phone for video.”
Brett Lange, Sales Consultant – Foothills Toyota

“Great humble teacher. I’m looking forward to working with him for the 12 months.”
Elliott Richards, Sales – Hyundai Seattle

“I came in with little expectation and left full of much needed knowledge!”
Sherry Welling, Customer Service – Champion Promotions

Katie Wright, Automotive Professional – Dwayne Lane’s Skagit Ford

“Great amount of new knowledge and I feel like I can put a lot of my new skill sets to good use!”
Oscar Mejia, Internet Sales Manager – Performance Kia

“It was very informative and I feel like I got a lot of useful information.”
Tambre Markham, Internet Coordinator – Performance Kia

“This is my third time attending! Each workshop is informative and refreshing. I look forward to furthering my professional career with the tools provided me today.”
Quincy Jones, Sales – Performance Kia

“Michael is very knowledgeable and was very funny too! I would definitely come to another one of his classes.”
Ahmed Guyo, Sales – VW/Audi Seattle

“I’m not going to rate this class. I feel as if there needs to be a basic sense of basic social media and a simple understanding of technology for any person to attend this workshop. I love Michael and feel that this course has a lot to offer. Because the basics of current social platforms were unknown by some of the participants, this caused the entire class to not be effective.”
Erick Dirvanowski, Internet Sales – Pignataro VW

“It’s always a pleasure and good learning working with Michael!”
James S. Harris, Sr., Sales Consultant – Pignataro VW

“Should actually make and edit a full video in class. Show editor, take rough video and polish it with graphics, sound, etc. Then show on screen the steps to park it at YouTube.”
D. Oswalt, Sales – MB Lynnwood

“This will be a corner stone to building my dream to be the greatest sales professional I can become.”
Ryan Brown, Lease End/New/Used Car Coordinator – University VW/Audi

“Awesome, informative, and intense!! The way things are today, and where they are going tomorrow. Time to jump on the new technology available for success! Thanks, Michael!”
Gerardo Coll, Product Specialist – Lynnwood Honda

“Thought coming to this class we would be making at least one video to see how to do it. The tools provided are great, but to be shown and not just told would be very useful for myself.”
B. Ambrose, Sales – Foothills Toyota

“Whether you have 10 months in sales or 10 years, you simply can’t go wrong with Michael’s programs.”
Erik deChatonnayree, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Chevrolet of Everett

“It’s always great to attend these seminars. I’ll never miss it for anything. Great refresher and fresh new ideas always!”
David Ajubade, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura