Attendee Comments – September ’18 TSS – Portland

“I really enjoyed how Michael has expanded my mind to realize that I really can change the way I communicate in order to connect better with others. This will help me in sales and in many other areas of my life!”
Abbey McCraw, Sales Associate – Toyota of Portland

“Michael was GREAT!!! I couldn’t ask for a better trainer! He really tried to get to know everybody and doesn’t interact with each person too much or too little. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anybody, even if they think they know everything.”
Scott Hoskin, Salesman – Vancouver Ford

“More role plays and group stuff.”
Kanoe Kamala, Internet Sales – Gresham Subaru

“Michael was great, and it’s always an huge honor to work with him. I am looking forward to the next time!”
Bryan Hitchcock, Sales – Dick’s Country CJDR

“Another great refresher. I’ll be back again next year!!”
Jeremy DeHaven, Fleet Manager – Dick’s Country Dodge

“The salmon was a bit overcooked. The class is always informative. I’ve been working with Michael since 2015.”
Tyler Chang, Sales – Dick’s Country CJDR

“It was really good to get this new information, as well as some refresher info.”
Ken Scott, Sales – Toyota of Portland

“Michael was fantastic. Examples, knowledge, and humor were all perfect. I’ll most certainly be back for more!”
Mary Beth Maxa, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Wilsonville