Attendee Comments – October ’18 – Portland

“I’m still learning new things after coming to this particular seminar for the past 9 years!”
Seth Dustin, Internet Director – Toyota of Gladstone

“Great workshop and I’m glad I attended. Even after so many years, it’s still relevant and effective.”
Randy May, Sales – Dick’s Auto Group

“Great experience and I learned a lot that I could use for every day work life.”
Aurelio Samana, Sales – Ford of Kirkland

“Very interesting and very helpful. There were a few things that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with but definitely a great presentation/workshop!”

“Great experience, especially since the group was smaller than usual. I definitely felt as if I had a more personal session. The information was delivered clearly and easy to understand. I see myself using the online content daily as well.”
Marcus Martinez, Sales Associate – Town & Country Honda

“Great information! I usually get tired in these sort of training events but Michael had my full attention today! It obviously will be very beneficial for my future. On a side note, it was freezing this morning. Maybe that’s what kept me awake?”
Kimberly Young, Salesperson – Gresham Toyota

“It was very thoughtfully delivered and very useful.”
Eric Lonergan, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“Great experience and I learned a lot.”
Haile Cedric Marigmen, Sales – Ford of Kirkland