Attendee Comments – September ’18 – Portland

“Michael is the man!! It was such a great class. He is full of knowledge and not afraid to share it! Thank you, Michael!”
Bryan Hitchcock, Sales – Dick’s Country CJDR

“This was an excellent experience. I learned a lot about sales.”
Beshara Shahin, Sales Rep. – Gresham Subaru

“Michael is extremely knowledgeable and entertaining! I love word tracks and he gave us an ample supply. I know I will greatly improve in sales now that I have his knowledge to use.”
Abby McCraw, Sales Associate – Toyota of Portland

“There was an attempt to present too much information. Great information but presented way too much and too fast.”
Doug Duguay, Sales Consultant – Armstrong VW

“Michael did a great job today and I’ve learned so much more than I expected.”
Carl Chestnut, Salesman – Toyota of Gladstone

“I have attended several of Michael’s classes and I always learn and relearn something useful every time.”
Gilbert de Best, Sales – Toyota of Portland

“I took away some really great stuff!”
Debra Kaiser, Sales – Carr GMC

“I thought I would be bored but it was very good and I learned a lot!”
Kenneth Scott, Sales – Toyota of Portland