Attendee Comments – July ’18 TSS – Lynnwood

“(There was) Lots of emphasis on role playing!!”
Joey Koch, Sales – Chevrolet of Everett

“Every time that I attend I lean on Michael for answers and for something new. Each time I learn one or two things that I can add to my toolbox!”
Jay S. Harris, Sr., Seasoned Sales Professional – Jaguar of Seattle

“This was less like a workshop and more like a vehicle helping to craft your skills.”
Kirk Spencer, Sales – Foothills Toyota

“I found a couple of profound thoughts that reinforced that training is not only necessary to grow but it is also a great tune up from the neck up.”
Dan Lozott, Internet Sales – Ford of Kirkland

“Great content! Great refresher! Great value!!”
Alphonse Van Houdt, Scrub Salesman – Ford of Kirkland

“Lots of techniques learned!! I can’t wait to master and implement them all!”
Justin Peters, Sales – South Tacoma Auto

“I am a little disappointed that my phone would not work properly but that is an equipment failure only.”
Rodney Zims, Sales – Ford of Kirkland

“Great info! I am excited to use you (Michael) more in the future! Thank you!!”
Kenzie Doty, Internet Sales Rep. – Chevrolet of Everett


“Thank you very much!!”