Attendee Comments – September ’03 – Portland

“Very empowering! I’ve enjoyed the speaker and I am walking away with a ton of knowledge. Now let’s see if I can walk my talk.”
Keri Tye, Sales Consultant – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“A great wake up call for all areas of my life. Reminders of what I know I need to be doing and WHY! It illustrated quite vividly why life looks like the way it does right now.”
Chris Buchheit, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Vancouver

“I have info overload!”
Larry Mureen, Salesman – Armstrong VW

“Not only is the material helpful for me at work but also helpful for us to live better lives at home.”
David Flowers, Sales Consultant – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

” It was very helpful for a greenpea! I’ve only got three months experience and I needed the ideas.”
Benjamin Cyphers, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Enjoyed it and I feel enriched!”
Bob Snyder, Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“Very useful!”
Erik J. Holmes, Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“The personal growth aspect and nurturing information was more than valuable!”
Mark Schweizer, Salesman – Russ Chevrolet

“I can’t wait to do my homework!”
Doug Baldwin, Salesman Retail – Grehsam Nissan/Subaru

“Michael is the best overall trainer I’ve ever been a part of through my entire eight years of sales and management!”
Jason Neff, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I’ve learned a lot. A day well spent.”
Nick Lungu, Sales Representative – Gresham Nissan

“Was not worth $395. Class cost S/B $99. We were grossed.”

“Tremendously enlightening and very educational. The class, if applied, has got to improve my sales success.”
Larry Smith, Sales – Russ Chevrolet

“I think this workshop is wonderful. I will come back. I recommend this to anyone who wants something out of life.”
Nicole Kramer, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“It’s the best workshop you can attend both when you are new to the business or have been in the game for a long time.”
Mike Dietrich, A.S.M. (two time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Well worth my time and money and I will attend every time after this.”
Gary McAdams, Internet Sales Manager – Armstrong VW/Buick

“I will always come back. The puzzle is never finished. This class helps you know what the puzzle is. For people who don’t come or recharge, they have no idea what the puzzle is.”
Jim Lipscomb, Account Manager (two time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Good investment. I look forward to applying some of these principles.”
Tom Secor, Car Sales – Gresham Nissan

“Great workshop! I know we asked a lot of questions and kept Michael hopping. As a repeat attendee, I regret for the first timers that we were not able to role play active listening and the role play process. This is still the best training available for this industry.”
Randy May, Internet Sales (five time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“A lot of things that I heard hit home. I think that once I’ve been in the business for a while, I will be able to use what I’ve learned today.”
Bryan J. Voorhees, Sales Associate

“I learned more about sales and more about working with people.”
Ambrosio Yanez, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“I enjoyed it very much.”
Frank Schwartz, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“A real eye opener!”
Bud Voitovski, A.S.M. – Dick’s Country Dodge

“This day was not what I expected for a car selling course!”

“I have been to many of Michael’s workshops and I go because it brings me back to the basics. I will continue to visit Michael at least once a year and make the time to help others understand what I have learned.”
Roger Johnson, General Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“GREAT! I learned a lot! Great job! So much to learn in so little time.”
Matthew Allen, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“I wanted to thank you for this class. It was the most informative training event I have ever attended and would gladly come again and again until you tell me no more!”
Christopher J. Craig, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Second time around and I still learned new tools. Thanks!”
Jason Koceja , Sales (two time graduate) – Gresham Nissan

“I experienced a wonderful day. I have learned many new experiences today. My day here was well spent.”
Daniel S. Kaptur, Sales – Armstrong VW/Buick

“I enjoyed the workshop.”
Chris Wagner, F&I Manager – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I believe by attending this seminar today my future career will be greatly impacted for the better. Michael Hargrove is the best!”
Brian Voeks, Sales Consultant – Gresham Nissan

“If you are foolish enough to go to only one sales workshop a year, Michael Hargrove’s is the one to go to!”
Ezra Graham, Sales (three time graduate) – Gresham Nissan/Subaru