Attendee Comments – October ’03 – Portland

“Invaluable! This session is so much more than a paycheck, or more money. Excellently done!”
Nathan K. Bent, Sales – Thomas Sales and Service

“Great! This is for everyone and should be mandatory. Thanks for the day, Michael.”
Troy Glassett, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Refreshing! Michael used psychological techniques to help participants actively absorb, and spontaneously use, the applied skills. (I.E. perception tests, examples, Q&A sessions, etc.).”
Becky Brown, Sales Associate – Thomason Auto Group

“Michael was wonderful. He can really make you see everything that can hold you back form being your best. I have learned a lot of techniques and plan to see a big difference in my job.”
Heidi Gay, Sales – Hillsboro Chrysler/Jeep

“This is something that I need more than just once a year. Michael, I personally want to thank you. Thank You! I’ve been hungry for about six months and now after this workshop I’m fulfilled and ready to go! No longer hungry!”
Rex Goodwin, Sales – Thomason Honda

“Great overall. I would have preferred more role plays in the second half of the day, but it’s tough to fit it all in.”
Russ Humberston, General Manager – Beaverton Toyota

“It was a real eye opener, especially for me. I have been in the car business over 30 years and I am fifty four years old. I know a lot of what yo talked about will be of great value to me! Thank you very much!”
Kerry M. Seifried, Fleet Manager – Miles Chevrolet

“I treat this workshop as a yearly opportunity to remember all the forgotten activities and skills that seem to get lost in the day to day life. Michael continues to evolve the material so it remains fresh and interesting.”
Chad Lemieux, Sales Manager (six time graduate) – Saturn of Beaverton

“Absolutely the finest retail training experience I have had.”
John Souse, Sales Rep. – Thomason Honda

“Happy to have met such a bright person in what at times can be a dark business. Extremely helpful workshop.”
Chad Donnelly, Leasing & Sales Consultant – Herzog-Meier VW/Volvo

“Wowza! What a power-packed, informative, positively useful day!!! I actually forgot to look at my watch today!”
Julia Giannandrea, Sales Associate – Herzog-Meier

“A great program that covers many topics way beyond the car dealership. Definitely fresh, entertaining, and I would imagine, useful. I look forward to using the techniques.”
Steve Oliver, Sales – Thomason Honda

“I’ve been coming since 1994 and will continue to do so!”
Chris Jarvis, Sales Manager (eight time graduate) – Thomas Sales & Service

“Useful for everyone from the greenest pea to the grizzled veteran salesperson.”
Pat Blanchet, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“I put the pieces of my experience as a salesman in order.”
Jeremy Lawrence, Salesman – Thomas Sales & Service

“Michael does a great job of keeping you focused with humor and an obvious wealth of knowledge.”
Max Cazort, Sales – Thomas Sales & Service

“As a greepea who has been told about ‘potential’, I feel that this (my potential) has been accelerated by at least a year or two!”
Fraser Clark, Sales – Thomas Sales & Service

“It was better than I expected and I’m looking forward to the next time.”
Anthony Furtado, Salesman – Thomas Sales & Service

“It was awesome!! Some really great info that I will find very useful. Thanks a lot!”
Khrys Barnes, Sales – Thomas Sales & Service

“Overall good experience.”
Courtland, Sales Consultant – Thomas Sales & Service, Bend, Oregon

“This was a little over my head for what they let me do when it comes to the closing stuff. I also wanted more on prospecting because I’m dying in that area.”
Rick Wieland, Sales – Thomason Honda

“The information was very helpful and I hope to gain success from it.”
Luke Cearley, Sales – Beaverton Toyota

“It was the best.”
Kooroush Shearan, Sales – Thomason Honda

“The training was perfect!”
Jonathan Brainerd, Sales Manager – Thomas Sales & Service

“Great experience! Very valid with no B.S.”
George Deines, Sales Associate – Miles Chrysler/Jeep

“I plan on using the tools Michael Hargrove has shared with me. Through this I will let you know exactly where I stand in six months and so on.”
J. Semar, Sales – Thomas Sales & Service

“In the future, use mail address for additional info (letters).”
Mark Levner, Sales – Herzog-Meier VW

Lisa Brown, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Rewarding, invaluable, practical, and useful, enjoyable experience. At times, though, too much verbal talking but overall good.”
Jonathan Linneman, Auto Consultant – Herzog-Meier

“A great personal and professional refresher course.”
George A. Stillwell, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“The best workshop I’ve ever been to!”
Clint Carden, Sales – Rasmussen BMW

“I learned some things that will improve my car sales career! Thanks!”
Phil Mitchell, Sales Consultant – Dick’s Country Dodge

“GREAT! This is my second time. However, could we put the tables and chairs in a circular pattern so everyone can see each other? I think that would be super.”
Chris Fry, Consultant – Dick’s Country Dodge

“It was positive and gives me tools and ideas to improve in my new profession.”
John Byers, Sales – Miles Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

” I had a great time. Very helpful.”
Domingo Diaz, Sales – Beaverton Toyota

“Great stuff! I hope my guys take it seriously and apply it.”
Mario Nunez, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Miles Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

“Great, refreshing attitude. I will do my best to pass this onto people under me!”
Stan French, Used Car Manager – Lewis River Motors

“This is my third time at this training course and I learn something new everytime. It’s great!”
Kenny Walsh, Sales (two time graduate) – Lewis River Motors