Attendee Comments – July ’03 – Lynnwood

“There was a lot of material covered in eight hours! It actually could have been divided into two days. I enjoyed it very much!”
Shari Burnhardt, Sales – Pignataro VW

“Always a refreshing course even for the best of the best! This workshop brings a touch of reality that we miss on a daily basis.”
Mitch Pak, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Pignataro VW

“Today’s automotive sales professional needs to be on top of his/her game. Especially with the advent of the Internet. Customers know as much, if not more, than their salesperson. Awesome class!!”
Brent Ottoson, Internet Sales Manager – Magic Toyota

“Your sincere enthusiasm and passion for wanting to make me better in the automobile industry is priceless. For the minimal fee you charged us, we should be sending you 10% of our X-mas bonus!! It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to knowing you for many years.”
Dion Lee Earl, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“I have been out of the auto business for three years and only back for four months now. I needed a boost and refresher of best ideas and strategies for myself. Mu success is vital for my future and others.”
Richard Perez, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Lexus of Bellevue

“I decided that this was worth the tuition. Thanks!”
William Leinen, Sales – Chapman’s VW

“I enjoyed learning new closes and learning that I have to dig in deeper than ever.”
Juan Chavez, Sales Manager – Bill Pierre Dodge

“This will change my life because it already has! I just have to make sure of it each day.”
Lee A. Davis, Jr., Sales Consultant – Lynnwood Honda

“Direct, informative, and extremely beneficial. Thanks.”

“I had a great time and was given new and fresh ideas. It was a day well spent.”
Mickey Jones, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“Very fresh and motivating!”
Karl Buelow, Sales – Chaplin’s VW

“I know I am going to use this book more than once (plus the CDS)!”
Ryan Ralph, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“It brought me back to when I was new.”
Joey Trigsted, Internet Sales – Pignataro VW

“Very informative!”
Jay Kondo, Sales (two time graduate) – Lynnwood Honda

“Very valuable information!”
Tiffany Daly, Sales Associate – Ford of Bellevue

“This seems like excellent ammunition for a new salesman like me. I can’t wait to try out the techniques and attitude change!”

“I feel great learning more about myself and the new things that I can achieve today! Thank you so much!”
Jessica Johnson, Sales – Magic Toyota

“Lots of fun! I listened to the training CDS prior (to attending) which was good, but the class was even better!”
Casey Muilenburg, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“It was great. I have picked up some new stuff from this class.”
Mansour Khan, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“Great uplifting point of view in an industry that is inherently narcissistic.”
Michael Jameson, Sales – Pignataro VW

“This was a great reminder of what I know and should always be doing!”
Tracie Holliday, BDC Lead – Lexus of Bellevue

“Very uplifting in both the home life and workplace. Very useful exercises and information for a fuller life.”
Jeff Murdock, Sales Rep. – Tom Matson Dodge

“I felt it was a good overall experience. I wish we had more time to get through the whole workbook. I’m looking forward to continually using it!”
Dan Lozott, Internet Sales Manager – Ford of Bellevue

“I heard lots of different ideas that will help me to sell more cars.”
Kharram Imdad, Sales Associate – Magic Toyota

“Being somewhat inexperienced in retail sales, this class helped me gain valuable insight and perspective tools to overcome obstacles of being new in this business. Well done Michael Hargrove!”

“I think this is the most refreshing and uplifting workshop I have been to so far. Very emotional and mentally challenging! Very inspirational.”
Ricardo Aulet, Sales (three time graduate) – Magic Toyota