Attendee Comments – September ’02- Portland

“I feel like someone took away my slingshot and armed me with cruise missiles as my daily ammunition for building rapport and overcoming objections.”
Mark Baldessare, Sales Rep. – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“I enjoyed once again revisiting these elements of my profession that tend to be lost in the day to day activities at the store. It reminds me of the responsibility that goes along with the activity. Thanks again for another great wake up call!”
Chad Lemieux, Sales Manager (six time graduate) – Saturn of Beaverton

“This is my third year. I was so impressed the first time two times I’ve attended that I came back (again). I have been to other seminars, read other books, etc. but I have never found one I’d go back to. Thanks, Michael!”
Sean Morton, Sales (three time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“If there is only one workshop you go to make sure it’s with Michael Hargrove!”
Mike Dietrich, A.S.M.(three time graduate) Dick’s Country Dodge

“I found this workshop today very enlightening and insightful. A must for anyone who is trying to enhance their careers and their lives.”
Kerri Till, Salesperson – Rasmussen BMW

“I am new to the car industry. After selling in the office products industry for over twenty years, and having been to numerous sales workshops, I would like to tell you that your workshop is the best I have ever attended. Thank you for being so committed to providing such excellent and useful information.”
Donald E. Smead, Great Sales Guy! – Gresham Nissan

“(This) Prompted me to re-examine my perspective and relationships with my staff and salespeople. Not only powerful but empowering me to reach for the stars and hit the moon! And I ‘ve been in the business 25 years!”
Bill Jones, Used Car Manager – Miles Chevrolet

“PHENOMENAL! Today’s type of needed material, presented in a manner that even a new person can use to change their habits and income immediately!”
Charlie Campbell, Sales Professional – Saturn of Vancouver

“After attending your seminar for I think my seventh time I want you to know I still find it relevant, fresh, and life changing. You are not my only trainer but you are the only one I actively promote to friends and co-workers. In my field, I regard yours as the most important training event in anyone’s auto sales career.”
Randy May, Sales (seven time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“This is a repeat for me. I found this to be the only (and best) interactive sales class I have taken. I am not in retail car sales at the moment but am in the top five for my district among Sears Auto Center service writers. And that in only my first two months!”
James Mayeda, Sales – Sears

“New to the business and just spinning my wheels. I will focus on the tools I have gotten today and expand them slowly, mastering each one, instead of trying to master everything now. Patience.”
Matt Craig, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“(This) Helped connect a lot of the dots in this industry that confused me due to some poor trainers in my past. Thanks!”
Jim Lipscomb, Sales Rep. – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Hands down, the finest training program I have ever attended. I have learned a great deal concerning the art of selling automobiles. Perhaps more importantly, you have reminded me to find balance in my life. Thanks.”
Lonnie Willison, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Awesome experience! Great advice on every subject!”

“A truly great learning experience for me. I have 15+ years in sales and this
was the best workshop I ‘ve attended. Michael is very genuine.”
Thor Hanson, A.S.M. – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Loved it! Great!! Michael has helped me improve my business in just one year. Also, my personal life too!”
Roger Decker, Sales (two time graduate) – Lewis River Motors

“Awesome! I couldn’t have gotten this kind of knowledge or excitement from a book. Very interactive. Just an incredible learning experience.”
Jason Kodeja, Sales/Leasing – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“Perhaps have fruit in the morning!”

“It was one of the best I can think of.”
Joshua Todd, Salesperson – Dick’s Country Dodge

“A few more role playing sessions would have been helpful.”
Mario Nuñez, Team Leader – Miles Chevrolet

“It was very informative with some great techniques to take back to work and home. It was also nice to heat ideas from different salespeople who have been in the business longer than myself.”
Brain Allen, Crew Chief – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“It was fun, informative, and eye opening. It was a little hard to sit in one place for so long though.”
Tonia A. Wells, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“The role play exercise w/ the talker, listener, and the ref was not completely clear. I thought it was just me but the others in my group were confused as well. The comment about the two or three days a month embarrassed me. Most people didn’t seem to mind but I don’t care for the word ‘sucks’ and ‘blew chunks’ even though it was funny, it kind of grossed me out, especially just after lunch. Overall, I thought it was the best training I’ve ever attended! It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me think and realize how truly lucky I am and what am I waiting for? I have the power to do it now! Thank you. I feel like you changed my life forever! Thank you!”
Tamara J. Hufford-Wong, Trainer – T.J. Originals

“The value of your seminars for me personally throughout the years I have attended is that I get into a rut without actually sensing it. It kind of quietly creeps up, and through attending, I find my path to success again. Thanks for lighting my path year after year!”
Rudy Torres, Internet Manager (five time graduate) – Town & Country Auto Dealerships

“Great ideas to put into practice tomorrow and forever.”
Juan Manual Gonzalez, Salesperson – Miles Chevrolet

“I feel refreshed and re-focused!”
David Flowers, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“I hope I can change my life!”
Jim Goldenpenny, Sales (two time graduate) – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Better than ever!”
John Zimmer, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Saturn of Beaverton

“I found much of the content to be directly applicable to my interpersonal relationships and life in general in addition to being useful in my professional life. Thank you!”
Shannon Morrow, Internet Manager – T&C Chrysler/Jeep

“Second workshop. Made me realize how complacent I can get. Thanks for re-adjusting my brain!”
Kenny Walsh, Sales (two time graduate) – Lewis River Motors

“Excellent! Much more than just a sales seminar. Very inspirational!”
Brain Stouffer, Internet Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I didn’t want to come but my manager made me. And I enjoyed it very much!”
Chris Reilley, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“I found the content of this course to be outstanding. I know the ideas gained today will greatly impact my performance.”
Rick Steiner, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“I stayed interested all day long! I spent no time looking at my watch. Amazing!!”
Bob Friend, Salesman – Lewis River Motors

Christopher Fry, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Super again!”
Mike Taylor, Team Leader (two time graduate) – Saturn of Salem

“I learned a lot of ways to improve my life and career.”

“I’ll be back for the third time!”
Robert Chriss, Sales (two time graduate) – Thomason Auto Group

“It’s a great way to look at your personal and professional life from another view!”