Attendee Comments – July ’02 – Lynnwood

“The workshop was extremely valuable and has given me a new and confident approach to the car business. This training was far more valuable than any sales training I have received thus far.”
Michael B. Murray, Sales – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“Best one I’ve ever attended and the only time I’ve stayed to the end.”
Brendan Fox, Salesperson – Pignataro VW

“I don’t expect to come to a motivational seminar and end up in tears. Thank you, Michael!”
Richard Peck, Sales (two time graduate) – Bill Pierre Dodge

“I enjoyed the pace and conviction of Michael. I would definitely come back again. I have plenty of work cut out for myself now.”
Chris Freeman, Sales Consultant – All-Star Toyota

“This experience came at a time in my life that the teaching will have very little to do with what I will change immediately at work but rather how I can use this to better myself and my marriage. The work part I’m sure will follow. Thank you for your genuineness!”
Shane Posey, Sales – Magic Toyota

“I would recommend Michael Hargrove to anyone who wants to better their sales career. It really opened my mind and my heart. Thank you very much.”
Stephen Haas, Sales Consultant – Pignataro VW

“You can tell that he really cares and believes in everything he teaches.”
Jeremy Platt, Sales – Pignataro VW

“I really appreciate the ideas you guys shared with me today. I look forward to putting these ideas to work right away!”
Gabriel Gallegos, Sales Consultant – Ford of Kirkland

“This is the second time I have attended this workshop. The first time here I had no clue of what I was doing in the car business. But since then, I have used what I learned here, and it has taken time but my success is starting to grow. And now after this class today, I know it’s going to be even better. Thanks, Michael.”
Jason Cooper, Sales (two time graduate) – Bill Pierre Dodge

“I thought Michael did a wonderful job. His training was definitely original, new, and very informative.
I enjoyed the time spent here. Thank you.”
Eman Namatalla, Sales – Performance Nissan

“Second time in. Again, it was great!”
Gabriel Moreno, Sales Rep. (two time graduate) – Lynnwood Honda

“It was very uplifting and just what I needed.”
Kelly Durham, Sales Consultant – Bill Pierre Dodge

“Michael, I thank you for your mission. The truth! I learned money and selling cars is not my life’s purpose.
Thank you for helping me realize how much family means to me!”
Ted Davis IV, Sales – Performance Nissan/Kia

“It’s a wake up call in a lot of areas of my life. It showed me a lot of things I don’t do and I should.”
Ricardo Aulet, Sales – Magic Toyota

“We’re never ‘so good’ that we always have the answer for every situation. What I gained today were extra bullets for closing and a broader understanding of the psychology of the sales process, IE. eye movement, body language, method of speech and delivery, etc.”
Les Scott, Sales – Lynnwood Honda

“I got a lot of useful things that I honestly think will increase my income. See you next year!”
Tyler Loseke, Sales Rep. – Bill Pierre Dodge

“The speaker lost us once (and me more than once) and let his control over the flow of the presentation seem to be lost. I didn’t feel like everything was completely covered. The strengths I mentioned (on the front of the evaluation) were strong. I feel this was good use of my time, but it could’ve been better.”
Steve Fishman, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“Well worth waiting for. It gave me new things to consider.”
Les Glidden, Sales Consultant – Brien Motors

“It was very helpful, especially for me, because it is my first year in the car sales business. Thank you.”
Sammy Soloman, Sales – Magic Toyota

“This program forces us to dig down deep and take a realistic look at why we as salespeople aren’t getting more rewards out of our chosen profession. Michael suggests the little things that will make a huge difference in increasing our potential pool of clientele, how to engage objections, and increase our earnings.”
Rich Leavitt
, Sales – Lynnwood Honda

“A very eye opening experience. It pulls blinders off and reloads my perspective. Best tune up I’ve had in a long time. I would definitely do this one again.”
Tom Schroeder
, Sales & Leasing – Clyde Revord Motors

“Very informative! I can’t wait to start using this info to make more money and improve my life.”
Mark Norman
, Sales – Magic Toyota

“I came for lessons on how to sell more cars. I’m leaving with a plan to change my life for the better.”
Mark Larios
, Salesman – Pignataro VW

“Thank you very much! Just great!’
Isaac Kasimov, Floor Manager – Pignataro VW

“Thank you again. A constant evaluation not of who we are and what we’re doing right now, but more of an insight to what we’ve done in the past and how we could better our future.”
Barzin Akhavan
, Sales – All-Star Toyota

“I’m a rookie with confidence and thanks to this program I believe, if I step up to Michael’s suggestions,
I can become a Godzilla!”
Chad DuFur
, Sales Rep. – Pignataro VW