Attendee Comments – October ’02 – Portland

“Fourth time here, I have gone from green pea to sales manager in that time. Michael’s workshop is very ‘Real World’ and changes with the times. Even though I have seen a certain amount of success, I still value this training even in its most basic form. Thank you and see you next year!”
Jeff Harding, Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Town & Country Chevrolet

“I enjoyed it, not at all what I expected. Very enlightening, forward thinking and fun!”
Carol Schuler, Sales – Rey Reece VW

“I appreciate the fact that the tools I learned today address both my personal and professional life. I will share what I learned with both my family and co-workers. I hope to attend again and will recommend this workshop to others. Thanks!”
Carla Hall, Sales Associate – Thomason-Damerow Ford

“It was good. I learned a lot about sales and about myself.”
Darren Johnson, Sales Rep. – Thomason Ford

“Not only useful in business, but personally as well.”
David Ramirez, A.S.M.(two time graduate) – Town & Country Ford

“Good stuff!”
Jeff Clawson, Sales – Armstrong VW

“Very good interactive workshop! However, too much material to cover in one day.”

“Michael is a nutcase but is very good at his job!”
Curt Chambers, Senior Sales – Ron Tonkin Gresham Honda

“This is the second time I’ve attended your workshop and I will be back next year and every year you decide to welcome me. I really appreciate the brushing up of my skills. Thank you, Michael. Ready, Fire, Aim! See you next year.”
Tim Padelford II, Sales & Leasing Rep. (two time graduate) – Russ Chevrolet

“Excellent ideas that I will definitely use! Thanks!”
Terry Little, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“It’s everything I needed and more! It’s a little scary because it’s reinforced my responsibility to myself. But that’s a great thing.”
Robert L. Wigle, Sales Pro – Ron Tonkin Auto Group

“Very informative, soul searching, and great! (It) HIT HOME!”
Barry Pethros, Salesperson – Bryan Bickmore Dodge

“The second half of the workshop was far more meaningful to me than the first part. I came here to learn how to sell more cars and learned just as much about myself! Thanks for all the great examples.”
Kellie Rodriguez, Sales Associate – Town & Country Ford

“Great class! Thanks Michael!”
Michael Banta, Sales Vancouver Ford

“Michael, you are intelligent and exciting to be around. I feel armed with active, useful information which I can use for years to come.”
Doug Ness, Sales – Gresham Honda

“I’m new to auto sales. This is exactly what I needed to get and stay motivated and become successful.”
Todd Logan, Sales – Gresham Honda

“I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you’ for stretching my comfort zone. This was my second time attending and I was rewarded with challenging dialog and reminders of what I’ve forgotten after a few years. I look forward to next year to prove I’m in the 3% you talked about!”
Craig A. Murphy, Full Time Sales (two time graduate) – Bryan Bickmore Dodge

“Well informed and on target for the car biz.”
Pat Carter, Auto Sales – Russ Chevrolet

“Still by far the most complete training workshop I have attended over the years!”
Arian Silver, Asst. Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Ron Tonkin, Gresham Honda

“I’ll be back as soon as the next workshop is available!”
Harris Akhtar, Sales/Leasing (two time graduate) – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“I sincerely enjoyed my experience and I hope to see you again next year.”
Curtis Smith, Sales Rep. – Ron Tonkin Mazda

“This has changed my energy and enthusiasm for this business. Fresh optimism!”
Scott Barth, Sales – Town & Country Ford

“This experience was worth every dollar. I was very pleased with the information I received today and would be happy to come back.”
Dustin Forbis, Sales – Thomason Honda

“Worth every penny. I’d do it again. Thank you!”
Erin Ogle, Sales – Rey Reece VW

“I feel this workshop is going to have a great impact on my personal and professional life!”
Corey Hall, Salesperson – Vancouver Ford

“This was my second time and definitely not my last!”
Jayson Brown, Sales (two time graduate) – Town & Country Ford

“Second year – better than the first!”
Jason Coufal, Sales Associate (two time graduate) – Town & Country Ford

“It was of value to me in that it helped me to get myself better directed. It challenged me to explore how much I believed in myself and my ability to succeed.”

“I’m new to selling cars. I used to be a foreman at a mill and the change was hard but you make it sound so helpful and interesting.”
Tim Green, Salesman – Vancouver Ford

“It was a great opportunity for me to find new ways to help the sales process move more smoothly.”
Frank Stewart, Special Finance – Ron Tonkin Gresham Honda

“Large learning curve for me. (I’m) new to the car sales business. I hope to utilize these tools in the near future.”
Travis Brown, Sales Associate – Ron Tonkin Mazda

“I can’t wait to get to work to try some of my new ideas. Some of Michael’s ideas made me realize I’ve been limiting my capabilities.”
Kenneth Daggett, Salesman – Vancouver Ford

“Useful tips that should help me sell more cars.”
Brian Imperial, Sales – Gresham Nissan-Subaru

“Need more comfortable chairs for an all day seminar. I felt miserable with discomfort by 3:00.”
Larry Palmer, Sales Rep. – Dick’s Country Dodge

“It was interesting for a person who has only been in the business for one month.”
Nick Rutherford, Sales – Hillsboro Jeep

“I learned a lot. Thanks Michael!”
Bob Summers, Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“All the information was helpful and I would love to come back.”
Emily Carlson, Sales – Hillsboro Chrysler