Attendee Comments – Sept. ’11 – Portland


“Excellent pace and presentation. Fun and very useful. Keenly tailored to today’s customer behavior and tendencies. Stuff I can use. Orphan service customer prospecting process will prove to be most useful.”
Mike Percival, Sales – Lexus of Portland


“Worth his salt. He is very professional and courteous even when asked certain questions others might find easy. Overall he shows a genuine interest in helping.”
Marshal Schaefer, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“Seventeen years experience in the Auto Industry (Sales), and I still learned tons! Great Job!”
David Moore, Sales – Wilsonville Nissan


“Not enough new info.”
Monty Good, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“Lots of new and different stuff from past years.”


“Thank you very much! I feel I got more out of your training than anyone I have worked with so far in my sales career.”
Bob Mercer, Sales – Alan Webb Chevrolet


“Good class. Needs to be longer.”
Seth Dustin, Internet Director – Toyota/Scion of Gladstone


“Great overall material. Very entertaining. I will be using this material and contacting Michael with questions.”
Paul R. Yauch, Sales Associate – Gresham Nissan Subaru


“Lunch was good, breakfast sucked! Room was too cold.”


“Mr. Hargrove has been great over the last few years I have been going. I would recommend him to anyone new or long timers to the car business. Great guy, great trainer!”
Nicholas M. Smit, Sales Manager – Gresham Nissan/Subaru


“It was great. I would like to go over goals next time. But thanks for everything.”
Renee Busch, Sales – Ron Tonkin Chevrolet


“Thank you and see you soon.”
Michael Tower, Internet Sales Manager – Alan Webb Mitsubishi


“All good. Great as always. Thank you Mike.”
Chris Hill, Sales – Gresham Nissan Subaru


“Being new to car sales I believe this (next to talking to customers) is the single greatest tool to propel yourself down the road to success.”
Eric Launtzen, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah VW/Hyundai


“Great Experience. Learned a lot. Now is the time to put it in practice.”
Ivaylo Stoyanov, Sales – Town and Country Chevrolet


“That being wrong just teaches me a new way of being a great person, and making it happen.”
Jamie Johnson, Sales Consultant – Allen Webb Mazda


“Because my role in the dealership is business manager not all of the information was relevant, though I did enjoy my time in the class and did find some of the information useful and relevant.”
Damian Lopez, Business Manager – Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan


“I learned!”
Kamal Smith, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“Learned new ways to think about our biz.”
Scotty Hiltz, Sales – Dick Hannah VW


“I came to learn and I did. Thank you.”
Jay Palacio, Sales – Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan


It was great, reminded me of different ways to close and read customers. And that I always have to brush up on my craft.”
Trey Kittirath, Sales Manager – Gladstone Toyota


“As always, Michael, refreshment of old makes it new. If we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to get what we have always got.”
Ted Schreiber, Internet Sales Manager – Gresham Subaru


“It was great!”


“Aside from not being used to being up at 7:00 AM, the information was very useful. Covered a lot of the key areas I’ve been struggling with.”
Michael Oase, Sales – Gresham Nissan/Subaru


“Fresh and relevant. All the content used conforms to today’s market.”
Brian Lux, Sales – Gresham Nissan


“Came in with an open mind and learned some good stuff.”


“Eye-opening, self-focusing, positive reinforcement experience.”
Michael Benner, Sales – Gresham Nissan Subaru


“A day well spent. Way too much valuable material for one day!”
Dick Wros, Sales – Lexus of Portland


“Every year I enjoy the class and it helps to re-energize and remind me of the best pitches I should be doing.”
Gavin B. Mardis, Jr., Sales Consultant – Town and Country Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge of Wilsonville


“Technology is advancing fast. We need ways to keep up with it. IE, smart phones, video, Facebook, etc.”
Bruce Bagley, General Sales Manager – Wilsonville Nissan


“Thank you. I really appreciated the add 1 new habit at a time. It was like it was written specifically for me.”
Jared Petersen, Sales – Alan Webb Auto Group