Attendee Comments – July ’11 – Lynnwood

“Great as always!”
James S. Harris, Sr., Sales Executive – Pignataro VW


“Great way to kick off my new career!”
Chris Stompoly, Salesman – Toyota of Seattle


“Lots of good information”
Sam Chou, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“Everything was wonderful.”
Robert Gomez, Sales Advocate – Performance KIA


“Mike gives real world techniques that can be applied easy and are helpful with a soft selling style. Very cool stuff. Thanks Mike!”
Anthony Moskalvic, Sales Consultant – Performance KIA


“Michael it is so nice to be lucky enough to have you back in Seattle. We brought our whole sales team. Great day for all of us. Thanks so much.”
Keith Hager, Sales Manager – Lynnwood Honda


“Training was very useful. I will use what was learned in my future of sales.”
Laura Guray, Sales – Magic Nissan


“I have been 3 or 4 times before. This time was new and fresh. Lots of great ideas for today’s market.”
Bob Labor, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“Very broad. Gave me a different point of view.”
Javier Giribaldi, Sales Consultant – Magic Nissan


“It’s refreshing to see another look at the whole process. Most training is one liners and this gives a whole start to finish approach.”
Jeff Maziarski, Closer/ASM – Magic Nissan of Everett


“Very useful. A bit too much data to retain in 1 session. (but great stuff!)”
Debby Manny, Internet Sales Professional – Toyota of Seattle


“Michael, overall I enjoyed your workshop. Coming from Aim to Hire with Don Malstrom you went hand and hand with his techniques. I look forward in keeping in touch with you and learning new ideas to keep my level in the sales world at its peak.”
Taunya Langley, Sales Consultant – Toyota of Seattle


“Great topics, snacks and lunch. It was very thorough. It gave me a full refresh on all different situations.”
Shawn Pope, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“Great experience, learned a lot”
William Winckworth, Sales Consultant – Pignataro Volkswagon


“Very informing material. Great ideas on closing techniques.”
Rick Fonceca, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“First time seeing Michael. I heard a lot about him and it was great to finally get to see him. Learned great things and it was all true.”
Israel Rios, Sales – Performance KIA


“Excellent. Just as good as last year. It’s not all the same information.”
Ginger Johnson, Internet Sales – Performance KIA


“Refreshingly different than other sales seminars. Informative.”
Danny Hook, Salesman – Lynnwood Honda


“Very useful.”
Nathan Wind Cliff, Salesperson – Magic Toyota Scion


“Mike, 35 years in the business. You’re the ‘best’.”
David Tarbell, Sales/Old Manager – Lynnwood Honda


“Very resourceful event! Job well done!”
Adama Balt, Salesperson – Performance KIA


“Very informative. Learned a lot of new stuff.”
Gil Powers, Sales – Performance KIA


“Some of your clipart goes back to the 40’s (in page 1, 10, 45). One could draw the conclusion your sales materials are also dated vs. up-to-date and current with today’s marketplace. Please send me your long term marketing skills workbook.”
Bruce Anderson, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma


“I have lost count how many times I’ve been to this seminar. Every year you learn something new. Nice to see this year the level of activities from Michael was up from last year. I’m really glad you are doing great!!!”
Gabriel Moreno, Sales Manager – Lynnwood Honda


“Great. Overall very productive. A lot of knowledge was exchanged. Improvements: not so early (9-5 is fine).”
Q. Wade, Sales – Performance KIA


“It moved a little fast. I would have liked to been able to role-play a little more.”
Michael Atkins, Sales Associate – Lexus of Tacoma


“Very much enjoyed the workshop. Will be attending again. Thank you Michael!”
Kera Keller, Sales Associate – Performance KIA


“Enjoyed your enthusiasm for your profession. Helped make me realize that I need to re-focus on why I enjoy this business. Thanks for giving me the tools for improvement.”
Ron Oberhansli, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma


“I’ve learned a lot of new ideas. Overall experience was great. If possible make this shorter or more breaks.”
Roman Levcenco, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma


“Great info that has to be utilized.”
Ron Monzon, Sales Pro – Performance KIA


“Great locale. Too early in the morning. Great info, good people. Five months into car sales and this is really valuable. Thank you!”
Jeff Wagner, Sales – Toyota of Seattle