Attendee Comments – Oct. ’11 – Portland

“I come back to this session over and over again to keep sharp on the tactics, strategies, and philosophies that Michael teaches. Michael is very tuned in to “today’s” customer and delivers resources that get results.”
Gary Monahan, Director of Internet Sales – Town & Country Honda


“This is a must for all sales positions.”
Scott Driessen, Sales – Courtesy Ford


“I have been coming to your class for the last eight plus years. You always remind me of things I have forgotten and you also teach us new tactics to make us better. I still think you are the best in the business. The chicken is good every year.”
Gyrone Williams, Sales Manager – Dick Hannah Volkswagen of Portland


“This course was extremely helpful in bringing to light the logistics behind today’s customers.”
Anthony St. John, Internet Sales Manager – Courtesy Ford Lincoln


“The overall experience was wonderful. I work with Michael at our dealership and he’s a great advocate to any sales person to learn new tactics in the 21st century. One thing I love is that he listens to us and then creates a workbook that goes with today’s reality versus what he thinks it should be. Great job!”
Brandi Snook, Internet Manager – Town & Country Chevrolet


“Loaded my lips for sure.”
Geoffrey Perry, Salesperson – Town & Country Honda


“This was motivating and very useful.”
Geoffrey L. Whitworth, Sales Professional – Town & Country Gladstone Honda


“This provided a good review of the basic concepts and also a new way to present them that is more suitable for today’s customer. This should make you a more effective salesperson if you ‘walk the talk’.”
Ryon Johnson, Sales Professional – Lexus of Portland


“This provided a great stand and experience on various ideas and thoughts that will help me make this profession easier, and more fulfilling.”
Arron Kirby, Sales Consultant – Courtesy Ford


“I felt that I paid too much for the training. But let’s see what happens. I totally got lost with long term prospecting and advertising.”
Duane Vice, Salesman – Gladstone Nissan

“Michael inspired me to be a better sales professional and to think of new ways to approach my craft.”
Nicholas Martinez, Sales Associate – Town & Country Chrysler Jeep

“I love the added new info.”
Dan Howland, Service Manager – Town & Country Dodge


“I learned a lot including new techniques.”
Rick Gilpin, Salesman – Tonkin’s Wilsonville Nissan


“It was lots to learn in a short amount of time. I’m glad this is a year long program.”
Rachel Rice, Sales Representative – Town & Country Honda of Gladstone

“Michael provided good and new information that I have not seen in previous seminars.”
Chuck Martin, Sales – Doherty Ford


“This taught me several different tools to use to be more effective as a salesperson. I really enjoyed the perception portion. I will definitely attend again.”
Jason Porter, Sales – Courtesy Ford


“I didn’t feel well but I’m really glad I showed up. With this very useful information, I hope to be much more effective. This gave us great tools and strategies.”
Roberta Martinez, Sales – Tonkin’s Wilsonville Nissan


“I liked the workshop.”
Dan Mason, Sales – Courtesy Ford


“This is my second time attending this class. It refreshed ideas that I had from the previous time. Very effective time spent! I received new ways to do things in the twenty-first century. ”
Lana Tran, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Portland


“Michael was very informative as always.”
Tony Hornback, General Manager – Acura of Portland


“It was a success!”
Anthony J. Lockhart Jr., Internet Manager – Acura of Portland


“I had a great time. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot about the trade I have just started in.”
Dave Wakeman, Sales – Dick Hannah Kia


“This was a great learning experience. It was good working with you. You gave me a lot of information I will use.”
Tony Vanegas, Sales – Town & Country Hyundai


“I always learn something new and refresh my selling techniques.”
Amir Fazal, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Portland