Attendee Comments – Sept. ’10 – Portland


“Very good. I have been to see Joe Verde and Tom Hopkins and they are good. Michael’s up front and personal style is the best. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself to the best.”
Joe Cruz, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“It boosted my confidence. This workshop will stick with me.”
Donald “Ricky” Ballantyne, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah Volkswagen


“I wanted to pick up one thing today and I feel like that was magnified. I got many good ideas today. Now I must put them to practice!”
Brian Ramsdell, Sales Representative – Toyota of Gladstone


“The audience input made me appreciate working for Rasmussen. Michael was funny and made it interesting.”
Ann Fry, Client Advisor – Rasmussen BMW


“It had good information and was worth the time I spent here.”


“I found it to be very informative. I learned practices that I can implement to make me more successful.”
Michael Manning, Sales Consultant – Town & Country Hyundai


“He was very fun and very knowledgeable. It’s excellent training that has been revised for the newly revised customer! Money well spent! Thank you!”
Catrina Volkman, Sales Consultant – Alan Webb Mazda


“Thank you, Michael. You have inspired me and you are helping me to challenge myself.”
Robin Merrell, Sales – Alan Webb Chevrolet


“I had a great time. Found some good closes, ways to network, and how to build a practice.”
Steve Elliott, Sales – Hannah Toyota


“Thank you.”
Seth Dustin, Internet Director – Toyota/Scion of Gladstone


“I was able to acquire great knowledge and am really excited to start using it!”
Juan Solanilla, Sales – Alan Webb Nissan


“A very solid presentation. I was most interested in state management and objections. I liked the full array of bullets for objections.”
Tim Shipman, Sales Associate – Town & Country Hyundai


“It felt chaotic in the presentation. We covered a wee bit of a lot of valuable categories. Perhaps asking for a bit more direction and less of a student driven presentation would be better. It was dynamic nonetheless and each component possessed long term value and near term practical value.”
Steve Pitcock, Sales – Town & Country C/P


“It gave me great information on building great work habits. It also made me realize I am the only one who can make the change.”
Cort Bailiff, Sales – Dick Hannah Volkswagen


“It allowed me not only to make plans for more lucrative auto sales, but to look more deeply at myself on how to sell myself and stay more successful each day.”
Arash Fatemi,Sales Associate – Ron Tonkin Toyota


“The room was too cool. I will need another exposure to make the most of the information. It was kind of a ‘how much I still don’t know’ situation even after seven and a half years in the business.”
Dan Medack, Sales – Dick Hannah Toyota


“The phone call role play was enlightening. Michael is pretty funny. He has a way to be an effective teacher and stay light and fluffy at the same time.”
Liz Geisler, Sales Assistant – Rasmussen BMW


“I have been to several seminars. I enjoyed the different angle. It was more focused and up to date. It just made more sense on how to handle today’s customers.”
Kevin Smith, Sales – Town & Country C/P


“A lot of things I learned today I did not give a rating because I am not sure if they work. I need some time to try out some things and look over the book to see the value of the information I received.”
Cory Vombaur, Sales – Dick Hannah


“I’m just starting in this but I feel this workshop has set me on developing as a person and equipping myself with the tools and strategies that will take me to the best I can be.”
Craig Roberts, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Lexus of Portland


“Michael Hargrove is a quality speaker on the issues at hand. He brings knowledge about our business in a new and different light.”
Rick Gilpin, Sales – Ron Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan


“A great experience. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to succeed in sales today. The advice given extends far beyond what one needs for selling. It also helps in life.”
Morgan O’Sullivan, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Portland


“It’s very informative, really like ‘mine’.”
Ron Roth, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“I like how Michael encouraged us to put our own spin on word tracks. He gives us his ides, strategies, and helps us do it in our own way.”
Nicholas Martinez, Sales Associate – Town & Country Chrysler Jeep


“Very good teaching. I learned a lot. It was very informative. I learned some things to add to my selling skills. It is a great class to improve your sell strategies. It is a good thing, you need to go.”
Eugene Leverett, Jr., Sales – Town & Country Chrysler Jeep


“Michael Hargrove provides an experience that cannot be duplicated.”
Ty Vilhauer, Client Advisor – Rasmussen BMW


“It was well worth the time. This is the second time I have come and will continue to come back.”
Anthony Cummings, Sales – Alan Webb Chevrolet


“Thanks for your help with the transition from the old ways to the new ways.”
Oscar Haddad, Sales – Gladstone Toyota


“It was very insightful.”
Brad Homa, Internet Client Advisor – Rasmussen BMW


“Every year with Michael’s course I get reenergized and I find out something new. I love the real stories and ideas from the other attendees. I always take away several new good ideas for my tool box.”
Gavin B. Mardis, Jr., Sales Consultant – Town & Country Chrysler, Dodge of Wilsonville


“It was great for a refresher and I will be back next year.”
Nick Nordquist, Sales – Dick Hannah Toyota


“I think the more time you come to this workshop the more you retain. It was a good year. Thanks again.”
Barbie Torgeson, Sales/Crew Leader – Dick Hannah Toyota


“It was worth it.”
Trenton Arola, Sales Associate – Dick Hannah Toyota


“It was nice that you got to all of the topics that everyone wanted to cover and that you let us tell you what we wanted to cover.”
James Golden, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“Keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks!”
Milko Vigil, Sales – Town & Country