Attendee Comments – Oct. ’10 – Portland

“Before attending the class I was a little skeptical about whether I could ‘learn’ anything new since I was the top salesman at the dealership. I was very excited to leave the class with a totally new perspective in today’s tough auto market. I am looking forward to working on building my business with Michael’s ideas and approach to the 21st century way of selling autos.”
Tan Nguyen, Consultant- Dick Hannah VW


“The only reason I attended today was so I can get my refund at the end of the training. But you give me hope and inspire me a lot. I’m getting hopeless in car sales and you lift me up. Thank you! I learned a lot! You give me direction.”
Trisha Patterson, Sales- Dick Hannah


“I like Michael’s approach to not be just a sales person.”
Susan Heath, Sales- Vancouver Ford


“It was very informative and inspiring.”
Dawn Jeske, Sales rep.- Dick Hannah


“Michael’s information contains the building blocks for creating your own book of business and a successful career in sales. He provides timely, and timeless, tools for your tool belt.”
Dick Wros, Sales Consultant- Lexus of Portland


“I had a great experience bat I’m not sure if I’m ready to pursue car sales as my career.”


“It was nice to get back to some of the basics! I picked up a few new useful tools today. I have been in sales for a while now and need a specific and more advanced level of training. We should talk more! Thanks.”
James “Jamie” Binder, Sales- Acura of Portland


“He had an interesting process, some new ideas, and good interaction with participants.”
Jack Anderson, Sales Consultant- Gresham Honda


“Great job changing the format to fit a small class. You focused on things that matter to us.”
Ernie Coombes, Sales Student- Dick Hannah Auto


“It was a great class.”
Anthony Schlenker, Sales Associate- Dick’s Auto Group


“It was very informative. I’m glad I came. I didn’t think car sales were psychological profiling. This class and book will help me out so much in the future.”
Trey Kittirath, Sales- Toyota of Gladstone


“I’m glad I came.”
Cameron Hollis, Sales- Dick Hannah VW


“I was very inspired. I see ‘hope’ in the car sales business. I see the need for practice to really make this work!”
Dan Davis, Sales- Acura of Portland