Attendee Comments – July ’10 – Lynnwood

“I have a lot to read and take in. This was very informative. I will be in contact.”
Joe Belshaw, Sales – Jaguar of Tacoma


“Again an outstanding presentation on how to be the best in the business. 3rd time I have attended, and I won’t hesitate referring those in my dealership who haven’t been to the workshop to do so.”
Rich Leavitt, Sales/Leasing – Klein Honda


“Michael is too talented to be teaching the people in THIS class. He should be teaching their bosses.”
David Bigelow, Internet – Performance Nissan


“Would be great to be in a class with experienced sales people only. Green peas should have their own class. Pace would be different.”
Pauline Ushigasa, Sales – Lexus of Seattle


“Go! If you find yourself not liking car sales then you need to go!”
Jimmy Davidson, Sales – Lexus of Seattle


“It was great! I will be here next time. Good luck Mike.”
Raj Sharma, Sales – Klein Honda


“Michael was awesome. I truly believe this will help in my personal life just as much if not more that my professional life!”
Tai Williams, Sales – Klein Honda


“Very helpful. Thank you Michael Hargrove! I appreciate you yourself doing the course.”
Dan San Juan, Sales Consultant – Dwayne Lane Chrysler Jeep Dodge


“It was great. I love the way you explain everything. I will use this in my personal life.”
Alex Volderama, Sales – Dwayne Lane


“2nd time attending was even better!”
Shaun Brown, Sales – Performance Nissan


“3rd time attending and this is always more than I had expected. I very much like the improved content staying up with the times.”
Bob Hunt, Sales Manager – Dwayne Lane Chrysler/Dodge


“Very informative and engaging! Well done!”
Anthony Woods, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“Excellent use of time and I will be back for the third time next year!”
Andrew Stevens, Salesman – Magic Toyota


“This experience was great for a new guy on the line like me. Every question was answered in detail.”
Rodney Linton, Salesman – Magic Toyota


“Great Training!”
Ron Manning, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“I truly wish this was part of our daily training.”
J.J. Agag, Sales Consultant – Performance Nissan