Attendee Comments – Sept. ’09 – Portland


“Michael’s ability to communicate with a great sense of humor was fun and enjoyable. His ‘there is no wrong answer’ teaching style was encouraging, uplifting, and made the learning environment a positive experience. Thanks, Michael. I’ll be back.”
Jeff Karlin, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“Good for people new in sales.”
Joe Ung, Salesman – Acura of Portland

“Michael spoke about questions & answers that I had been needing answers to. I strongly recommend all sales personnel, no matter how long they have been in the business, to sit in one or more of his classes. He is great!!”
Anthony J. Lockett, Internet Director – Acura of Portland

“This workshop today made me realize that selling has more personal benefits than going into upper management. I learned how to work my customers for referrals and new clients.”
Sandra Silva, Internet Director – Dick Hannah Acura

“I learn something new every year and I appreciate the collaborative nature of the class. Michael says that what he does is accumulate best practices and I agree with him. I will be back for more best practices next year.”
Gavin B. Mardis Jr., Sales Associate – Town & Country

John Hill, Assistant Sales Manager – Gladstone Toyota

“This will help me become a more successful team leader in my current position as well as my other business. Thank you!”
Sean Overton, Sales Associate – Toyota of Gladstone

“Mr. Hargrove was great.”
Ron Roth, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“An essential experience for anyone who wants to excel as an automotive sales professional.”
Tyson Vilhauer, Sales Specialist – Rasmussen BMW

“Showed me how stagnant I’ve been and that I have to reopen the box. Not that I ‘have to’ but I will be more open to think and work outside of the box of my limits.”
Randy Eyerly, Sales Consultant – Ron Tonkin Chevrolet

“Very worth the money. Great ideas were given so anyone should be able to achieve their company & personal goals.”
Chris Dudley, Sales – Town & Country

“This was a great & refreshing workshop.”
Carlos R. Martinez, Executive Manager – Town & Country

“Michael, thank you. Look forward to a relationship with you. God bless.
Kurt A. Boesch, Sales – Gladstone Toyota


“This will help me start to improve my business.”
Ricardo Hernandez, Sales – Town & Country Dodge