Attendee Comments – July ’09 – Lynnwood

“Fifth time, great to see Michael back at 100%. As always very happy and great new material, look forward for next year!!! Michael thanks again.”
Gabriel Moreno, Sales Manager – Lynnwood Honda


“Good interaction and involvement.”
Justin Benson, Sales – Pignataro VW


“I really got some great things I can use right away.”
Karl Dawley, Sales – Acura of Bellevue


“It is a good reminder of stuff that we know but did not do (often). :)”


“I am not a morning person, nor can I sit still and pay attention for extended periods of time very well. I was able to pick up some very useful information and was satisfied.”
Jon Jaffe, Sales – Acura of Lynnwood


“Great workshop full of personal and individual coaching and advise due to attendance numbers. Everything each one of us needed help with was covered extensively.”
Gerardo Coll, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“It was great we covered what I needed. The entire training was tailored towards the whole groups needs.”
Robin HansonLynnwood Honda


“Great refresher. New materials plus ideas to us with customer. Thanks. Should be able to put some of these new ideas to immediate use; adding to the bottom line- my paycheck and customer base.”
Greg Goudy, Sales – Magic Toyota


“Thank you Michael. Everyone said it would be great! Look forward to next year.”
Joon Song, Sales – Pignataro VW


“I found it very helpful. I learned a lot of information. The content is much needed, great course. It gives me ammo to close more deals.”
Jerry Chen, Internet Sales – Acura of Seattle


“Learned a lot more ways to erase objections. He’s awesome! Geared towards what we wanted to learn.”
Sean Bautista, Sales – Acura of Seattle


“It was a really good day well spent. This experience was defiantly worth the time and money. In one word Mike Hargrove and his workshop is ‘strong’.”
Preston Clark, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Acura of Seattle


“Felt challenged to ramp up my skills. Definitely understood the value of ‘no’. Great ideas on creating a long term marketing plan.”
Dave Warner, Sales – Acura of Lynnwood


“Great ideas. Great new material.”
Ionel Forcos, Sales – Magic Toyota


“Of the training programs I have attended over the past four years yours seems most realistic. I think your methods will be easy to put into action and stick to. If I am consistent I think it will pay off! ”


“I truly enjoyed today’s session because it was more personal and realistic than just covering the materials. Michael covered real issues that we face ever day and helped me to be equipped with more tools to work more effectively. It was a well spent day and will help me to be a more confidant sales person. ”
Arthur Kim, Salesperson – Lynnwood Honda


“Thank you so much, Michael. I feel much more prepared for the start of my new career as a professional transportation consultant.”
Warren Waki, Sales Rep – Acura of Seattle


“Very Informative and tailored to the audience.”
Eric Gutierres, Salesman – Acura of Seattle