Attendee Comments – Oct. ’09 – Portland


“Michael’s determination to get everyone involved is phenomenal! He’s energetic and informative. If you are in the auto sales industry you need to take this class!”
Brian Satterland, Internet Sales Director – Ron Tonkin Chevrolet


“Whether it’s your first time or your third time, Michael’s workshop always brings a great perspective to both car sales and life in general. Talk is cheap but this workshop gives you more than just lines to repeat or someone bragging about how good they were or are.”
Alexander Gihm, Sales & Lease Consultant – Dick Hannah Volkswagen


“I would prefer more focus on skills and technique. I was hoping to have some practice with technique and more role playing.”
Alan Angal, Sales – Hillsboro Hyundai


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Self-revealing, inspiring, and motivational. It’s a great mirror to see where we are and who we wish to be.”
Brian Gallaway, Sales Associate – Dick’s Auto Group


“Michael was great! His knowledge of so many ideas was great, no amazing. Not just sales but life in general. It’s a terrific help.”
Jeff Sarisbary, F&I – Dick Hannah Kia


“It’s an eye opener. It was motivating to reevaluate my work plan and life plan. This also gave many techniques and word tracks.”
Carl B. Lees, Sales – Ron Tonkin Dodge


“It was fun and gave a lot of insight but was a long day.”
Adam Martinak, Sales Consultant – Ron Tonkin Dodge


“Thanks for touching my life and for what you did here today that will touch the ones I love.”
Melissa Breitner, Sales – Dick Hannah Kia


“This is my fourth year. The nice part is the material is a great refresher. Every year the people who go are different, therefore the idea exchange is ever changing. All good stuff from the professionals!”
John Aeh, Sales Person – Hillsboro Hyundai


“There were so many ideas from so many sales people. It has been great bringing everyone together.”
Alex Roni, Sales Associate – Hillsboro Hyundai


“He’s very passionate on this topic. This would be much better in three days with more role play. I will continue the action steps to get the full effect.”


“Do you have a program for Internet sales? This has been a great experience again! One of the most rewarding seminars I have attended! This ranks with Zig!”
Mike Ragsdale, Internet Specialist – Dick Hannah Kia


“It’s my third time. This is an excellent course and a great refresher.”
Jeff Connolly, Salesman – CJD of Wilsonville


“The information provided to me today will have a huge impact on how I will be doing business. I will be making several changes to my approach of people that come into my dealership.”
Mark Derbyshire, Sales – Alan Webb Nissan


“The experience was such that I wish it was done in my first month of car sales. So much can be learned and put into perspective, nonetheless taken for continuous learning. I hope to come next year as well. In the meantime, I hope to enjoy growing in the industry through using these tools.”
Emir Filipovic, Sales Rep. – Dick Hannah Kia


“Provided good reminders, some new ideas, jumped around a little, but not too bad though.”
Wade Ebert, Sales – Ron Tonkin Dodge


“It was great to see you talk. You explained, listened with understanding, and gave great closing techniques. Thank you. You phrase the techniques so they’re easy to use.”
Amir Fazah, Sales Executive – Lexus of Portland


“Good job Michael. I can’t give ten’s. Nobody is perfect.”
Chuck Martin, Sales – Doherty Ford


“Do the classes in the evening.”
James Weiman, Sales – Hannah VW


“It was a great positive seminar.”
Eri Espinoza, Sales – Ron Tonkin Dodge


“This was very inspiring and helpful.”
Joshua Bruce, Sales Consultant – Ron Tonkin Toyota


“I would tell anyone in retail auto sales is that they should attend. I have been before and I will be back again.”
Jon Stolz, Internet Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“I felt I have learned a lot. It was easy going, well set up, and nicely timed. The great thing was we did it together. We communicate with Michael and that is why I got the most of this great experience today.”
Mansoor Kazeminy Mofari, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Portland


“Well Michael you did it again! A great seminar, got back to the basics of selling, and covered things I had forgotten. I listen to the CD’s in my car back and forth to and from work. The ‘What are you looking to avoid this time?’ is great and I know has put many of my clients at ease! Thanks again!”
Craig Fleishman, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Portland