Attendee Comments – Sept. ’07 – Portland


“Michael takes you on an incredible ride into the emotional side of the car business and your personal life. Unlike most trainers, Michael is genuine. He focuses on all the fundamentals of the car business and then educates you on physical and mental well being. This is a course I will continue to be a part of, as well as my staff, for years to come.”
Tony Hornback, Sales Manager – Acura of Portland

“Bar none, you are the best coach in the car business! This is my second time in your class and I always learn something new that just makes sense. Keep doing what you’re doing. The industry needs a coach like you. Thanks for everything.”
Gyrone Williams, Floor Manager – Dick Hannah VW

“Michael is not just another car guy telling you about how great he is or used to be. A real eye opening experience, and not only relating to car sales, but to life itself. Consider all of your choices, all of the options available to you to choose, and then pick wisely.”
Grace Kurtz, Finance Director – Dick Hannah VW

“This is my second year in your workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed this very educational program again! With application of last year’s content, I increased my income by over $20,000! I know this year’s increase will be even more. I look forward to next year!”
Mario Montagna, BDC Manager – Acura of Portland

“This was very informative and very well organized. I will use the methods and advice in both my family life and professional life.”
Keith Purnell, Sales Consultant – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“Thank you Michael, for allowing me to say the ‘Self Confidence Formula’ (in front of the class). You are an absolute positive influence on my career. I will follow up with you and update you on my implementation fo these techniques.”
Charles Campbell, Sales Professional – Alan Webb Mazda/Dodge

“A great psychological outlook and approach to handling my future in both my personal and professional life. I would recommend this to anyone interested in improving their life.”
Kevin Drake, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah VW

“This is my second time to this workshop and it’s just as good as I remember it to be. Thank you Michael for making learning fun and encouraging us to better ourselves.”
Phil Clunas, Sales Manager – Dick Hannah Dealerships

“I enjoyed everything I learned today. The environment was spectacular and the camaraderie among the participants was amazing! If you have a chance to attend, I highly recommend it.”
Steven Berry, Sales – Town & Country Chevrolet

“This reminded me of what I know but do not use, of what I use that may not be current, and gave me new tools to leverage myself into becoming a consistent top performer.”
Jay O’Leary, Sales – Dick Hannah VW

“I have really enjoyed my experience and I am hoping to grow, along with my sales, because of this workshop. There were a lot of great teaching tools. I think the hardest part of the day, though, was the two minute phone call exercise. Thank you very much!”
Rachel Snodgrass, Salesperson – Allan Webb Nissan

“Great! It’s really inspiring to realize that you can control, and are responsible for, your level of income. By making the necessary adjustments, you can earn a six figure income in the car business.”
Joel Hooper, Sales Consultant – Acura of Portland

“Great! I learned a lot about myself and how I can effect what I do, and as a result, increase my performance.”
Kevin Courtenay, Floor Manager – Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan

“This gave me a great mental check up on my personal as well as my professional life. It was a great experience that happened at he exact right time in my life. I loved every minute of it!”
Jeannie West, Sales Consultant – Acura of Portland

“It was great.”
Kedrik Lukehart, Sales – Vancouver Mazda/Dodge

“It was a great learning experience. You may want to ask people to write down what they want to cover before getting here.”
Micah Johnson, Sales – Alan Webb Nissan

“Great new ideas and quite a confidence builder. Incredible stuff!”
Jerry Sy, Sales – Alan Webb’s Vancouver Mazda/Dodge

“The intellectual capability has been there, and the desire to get it done has been there. Now, you have shed light on the path for me to actually move my career forward. Thank you.”
Dennis Fitzpatrick, Sales – Dick Hannah Honda

“It opened my eyes a lot to sales and what you have to overcome to achieve in it. Now, I just need to use all of these techniques.”
Harvey Schnitzer, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Vancouver

“This will prove invaluable to me in everyday life and work. Michael was excellent, empowering, and challenging.”
Dan Mathis, Sales Associate – Town & Country Chrysler/Jeep/Mitsubishi

“Today was a very inspiring day for me. One of which I will continue to have for many days to come.”
Kim Eback, Salesperson – Acura of Portland

“I enjoyed the class and will attend another. Very inspirational and helpful.”
Anthony Cummings, Sales Consultant – Alan Webb Mazda/Dodge

“I feel that I picked up invaluable information.”
John Williams, Sales Consultant – Alan Webb Nissan

“This is my second time in this course and I look forward to next year’s program.”
Jason Ezarpanah, Sales Consultant – Alan Webb’s Vancouver Mazda/Dodge

“I am excited to implement the new word tracks and closes. I’ve been hungry for more information like this. I will read and study this information and furthermore, I am committed to my personal development. You will be hearing from me, Michael! And thank you.”
David Corbett, Sales – Alan Webb Mazda/Dodge

“There’s no substitute!”
Dmitry Litvin, Sales – Acura of Portland

“It was great, my second time coming and I learned a ton to add to my toolbox. I will be back next time Michael returns to Portland.”
Matthew Buckles, Sales – Gresham Nissan


“I am the used car manager. I have never been on the line but found so much of the program interesting and life changing. Great ideas here and it has meant a lot to me. I have learned a ton! It touched me. Thank you!!!”
Evan Muncy, Used Car Manager – Acura of Portland