Attendee Comments – Oct. ’07 – Portland


“As a professional trainer myself, it is not often that I attend a workshop and walk away with so many ideas and word tracks that I can’t wait to share with my sales staff! Thanks Michael for your energy, your enthusiasm, and your presentation style!!”
Connie Deaton, Corporate Trainer – Barrier Motors

“Michael did a great job! Every time I come back to this class I pick up more and more tools to use. Also, Michael always will point out other skills I have to polish up on. Again, great job!!”
Joel Whited, Sales Manager – Town & Country Chrysler

“This is not just another pump session. It is more internally focused for a change. I can actually use these tools to improve my inner self and that’s what really makes the difference on the outside.”
Jim Sandman, Sales Consultant – Herzog-Meier VW

“I enjoyed this workshop much more this year than last time. I feel like I was more prepared to receive the information this time. I still feel like there might be a better way to do role plays but Im not really sure how.”
Paul Suchanski, Sales Account Manager – Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda

“I really enjoyed the experience that Michael Hargrove gave us. Very smart guy with a lot of good advice. I highly recommend him if you’re willing to walk the talk.”
Souriya Songham, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“This is my second year and it wasn’t until this year’s class that I realized the level of unconscious competence I have developed. This year I hope to continue the advancement that I have started. I am very excited to continue to implement the new ideas I have learned here. I can’t wait until next year’s (class)”
Gavin B. Mardis, Jr., Sales Associate – Town & Country Dodge

“It really was different!!”
Blaik Thomas, Sales – Dick Hannah Honda

“A truly worthwhile day!”
Diane Flanders, Client Advisor – Rasmussen BMW

“Always a good learning experience!! Enthusiastically exhilarating!! Thanks, Michael.”
Paul W. Carpenter, Senior Sales Consultant – Acura of Portland

“I liked it and I know if I take action and use what I learned today, I will be successful.”
Jeff Johnson, Car Slinger, Herzog-Meier VW/Mazda

“It’s my first time coming here. Some or rather most things were new but I really feel I understand most of it.”
Daniel Cardenas Garibaldi, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“It was a great workshop. I literally wouldn’t change a thing.”
Robert Hesson, Sales – Dick Hannah VW

“I deserved this type of guidance!”
David Ramirez, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“I think it will really help me a lot back at work. We focused on things today that I was/am struggling with.”
Scott Hauck, Salesman – Herzog-Meier VW

“Although I’m not new to sales, I am new to automotive sales and I found this workshop to be extremely valuable. I will use the techniques and ideas to build my career.”
Shawn Sell, Sales consultant – Town & Country Dodge

“The room and the dining room got cold. Great content!”
Alexander Gihm, Sales – Dick Hannah VW

“Very helpful!”
Corey Jones, Sales – Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda

“It was a great time. I think I would be back to another and if I ran a dealership, I would require and invest in my sales staff and managers to attend this workshop or seminar.”
Noah Rodeman, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah Honda

“An absolute must for anyone that wants to better themselves in sales and in life.”
Anna Rhodes, Sales Associate – Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan

“Great job! I have been coming for 10+ years to this event and I still take away new ideas and way to go. Thanks for the encouragement and help achieving the next level of success.”
Randy May, Internet Director – Dick’s Auto Group

“Thank you for your insight and guidance.”
Scott Green, Director of Internet Sales – Herzog-Meier

“I had a different way of looking at it this time. This changes my perception every year.”
Carlos R. Martinez, Used Car Manager – Town & Country Chrysler/Jeep/Mitsubishi

“I had a great time. This was far better than I had expected.”
Matthew Nance, Sales – Wilsonville Honda

“Great! Keep it up!”
Jeff Dunn, Sales – Beaverton Lincoln/Mercury/Mitsubishi

“I’ve been in the industry for only two weeks. I feel a lot more knowledgeable. Gave me experience without having to wait for it.”
Jay Krietzman, Sales Consultant – Herzog-Meier VW

“One of my core beliefs is ‘Life is more’, and this workshop proves it!”
Saulo Hernandez, Salesperson – Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda

“If there are retail sales guys making $250,000 plus per year, and working banker’s hours, why aren’t we talking and focusing on that? I’ll be in touch to get that information on the high producers and prospecting and marketing.”
Steve Lowe, Sales – Lewis River Motors