Attendee Comments – July ’07 – Lynnwood

“I love the mental and behavioral material. This is what the car business is about. This is what makes or breaks new people in the car business and separates the top people from the rest.”
Caleb Schramer, Internet Sales Manager – Bill Pierre Dodge

“It was great! It is always a pleasure to listen to this dynamic speaker, who ties sales, success, and general life skills together.”
Sylvester Byrd, Salesperson – Toyota of Lake City

“EXCELLENT!! I am going to make it to every one of these events.”
Manpreet Wadan, General Sales Manager – Bill Pierre Dodge

“More than just professional training, I really think the personal development concepts learned to day will change my effectiveness at work and increase my overall quality of life.”
J. Foote, Sales – Everett Chevrolet

“I’m looking forward to testing out the ideas and getting better at my job. I think it was well worth the money and the presentation was very well put together.”
Andrew Chentow, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“I thought the seminar had great skills for today’s customers. I find it necessary to continuously hone my skills to stay competitive in today’s market.”
Zach Davis, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“This is always a great workshop and a great refresher for old skills and a great way to pick up new ideas.”
Justin Benson, Sales – Pignataro VW

“This is my second year in attendance and it was even better than last year’s. I’ll keep coming back until I start to use it all (and even if I do use it all). Thanks!”
Erick Dirvanowski, Sales – Pignataro VW

“This has been the most helpful training seminar I’ve ever been to. The information is based on a real day to day setting.”
John Browning, Sales Pro – Bill Pierre Dodge

“Life changing! I just realized how many mistakes, or better said, how many thing’s I’m not doing for my life. Call then mistakes or steps to success.”
Jose Polanco, Sales Associate – Burien Toyota

“It was great.”
Tyrone Lawrence, Sales – Magic Toyota

“I really enjoyed the refreshing approach to not only selling cars, but also improving my daily life. I look forward to sharing what I have learned today with not only my sales guys but my spouse as well. I came in thinking I would have to suffer through another boring sales training session. I’m glad I was wrong. Thanks!”
Steve Bruneau, Sales Manager – Bill Pierre Dodge

“It was the best training I’ve ever been to! I learned more from this one day, than I did from my three previous training classes that I attended elsewhere. Thank you very much.”
Richard (Jamie) White, Special Finance – Everett Chevrolet

“I learned a lot and would attend again.”
Austin Allen, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“This course gave me a lot of word tracks and methods to progress customers through the selling process. Great material!”
Josh Donegan, Sales Consultant – Everett Chevrolet

“There was a lot of great information and content. Michael was very effective and well organized.”
Christian Love, Salesman – Dwayne Lane’s Dodge

“I’ve been in the retail side of sales for over a year and after this workshop I feel like a rookie! There’s so much more to the business than I have put into it.”
Greg Abel, Sales – Toyota of Lake City

“This had lots of helpful info, getting through the process should be easier from here on. I’ll definitely attend next time.”
Jim M. Gillen III, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“Always a pleasure.”
J. Harris, Sales – Everett Chevrolet


“Very fulfilling! Excellent job done by Michael.”
Fernando L. Quirindongo, Sales – Bill Pierre Chevrolet