Attendee Comments – Sept. ’05 – Portland

“I came with an open mind, as I usually do, and always get something from workshops. I was amazed at the amount of information provided today. Not only with regards to word tracks and selling ideas but also personal motivation. It was like a combination of Cardone and Robbins only better! Thanks Michael!”
Andy Bialkowsky, General Sales Manager – Gresham Dodge

“Good job! There was lots of stuff I can use. I have been to see a lot of trainers and this was by far the best I have been to. If you are sick of trainers just talking about all the stuff they have accomplished in the past, and actually want to learn how it is done, then this is the class for you!”
Shaun Cook, Salesman – Lewis River Motors

“Outstanding workshop! I’m looking forward to attending again next year.”
Michael Doherty, Sales Manager – Doherty Ford

“One word…AWESOME! I came to better my skills as a salesman and walked out with a better outlook on life! Thank you!”
Jeffrey Cervantes, Sales Rep. – Beaverton Nissan

Best seminar I’ve been to in 18 years!”
Dan Higgins, Business Manager – Saturn of Vancouver

“I learn something new every year I attend this workshop! And the rest helps me to refocus on things I already knew. Thanks!”
Bob Snyder, Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“I need to think about it overnight!”
Paul Blankenship, Sales – Lewis River Motors

“This was much better than I expected. Thank you. I know it’s going to help increase my boys’ and my own revenue!”
Michael A. Tyndall, Sales Manager – Gresham Dodge

“Thanks for sharpening my axe!”
Ian Johnson, Sales – Herzog Meier Volvo

“Thanks Michael. Great meeting!”
Larry Bishop, Sales – Gresham Ford

Scott Edgar, Sales/Management – Beaverton Nissan

“Very inspiring. It’s amazing, I attended a behavioral modification program before, and through this program, I got to revisit a lot of things I had forgotten. Thank you! Life is really quite simple, isn’t it?”
Michele Eveland, Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“Excellent, as always. Thanks again for the breath of fresh air!”
Chad Donnelly, Sales – Herzog-Meier Volvo

“Good times, I had a blast! Next year, though, serve a more kosher meal.”
Adam Stier, Sales Manager – Gresham Dodge

“Extremely informative…both times I’ve attended.”
Rolando Cifuentes, Sales – Beaverton Nissan

“I value this experience greatly!”
Wes Bennett, Auto Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“A very enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker!”
Joe Wilder, Sales Consultant – Herzog-Meier

“Change the lunch menu next year.”
Pat Corrigan, Sales Consultant – Metro Nissan

“This is my second workshop with Michael and I’ll be back again!”
Ron Stewart, Sales – Metro Nissan


“I’ve put a lot of tools in my toolbox today that will definitely increase my gross income. I will be in touch and work the book. Thank you so much!”
Paul Salcido, Salesperson – Saturn of Vancouver