Attendee Comments – October ’05 – Portland

“From a personal standpoint, the timing of this opportunity to attend your workshop was nothing short of uncanny. From an overall perspective, the depth in which you covered so many different subjects was absolutely astonishing! Thank you for this time well spent. The day was certainly worth far more than the monetary expense.”
Wally Van Schelt, Client Advisor – Kuni BMW

“I realized coming into this program that I had a very long way to go, and I didn’t know just how stagnant I’d become in my training and personal/career development. I’ve been handed tools for change, and if I can find the self-motivation, I know they will make an incredible difference in both my personal and professional lives – wait – Is there a difference?! Many thanks to Michael and Brandie for such an inspirational day.”
Brian Gallaway, Internet Sales Associate – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I came planning on getting my money back and ended up not asking for the refund. I am glad I came and learned. A big thank you to Michael and his staff!”
Matt Jensen, Sales – Herzog-Meier VW

“The content is excellent and powerful. Lots of information for one day! I’m sure the action I take will allow these tactics to become my own. I loved the interactiveness and integration of selling strategies, sales tactics, and state management skills.”
Gary Monahan, Sales – Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda

“You rock, Michael! It was a small group today and I thought it might be a tough day. Not so! Excellent presentation even though we missed a couple pretty awesome exercises due to time.”
Randy May, Internet Sales Manager (nine time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I have learned a lot on how to become a better sales trainer. I will be able to apply everything I’ve learned today!”
Al J. Dunne, Human Engineer – Superior Training Services, Washington D.C.

“Second time around and I learned lots of new things. I have an interest in attending the 3 Day Boot Camp.”
John M. Morrison, Sales Consultant – Miles Chevrolet

“Everything was helpful and I will put the best of me into improving my selling skills and any other thing that may help me become a more successful person in life and in this business!”
Jose Santizo-Paz, Sales Rep. – Miles Chevrolet

“This was very enlightening. I left with a new perspective and many more tools for my toolbox. The class seemed to pass by so quickly. I have a lot of room for improvement and Michael gave me some excellent direction.”
Robin Deffert, Sales Associate – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“It’s great to look at everything fram another point of view!”
Troy Young, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“I appreciate the direction that was given. Now it is up to me.”
Troy Belt, Sales Consultant, Dick’s Country Dodge

“Great! Inspiring! It opened my eyes!”
Eligio Hernandez Martinez, Sales Consultant – Miles Chevrolet

“Very informative and useful. With over 25 years of experience, and very little classroom training, I’ve learned a great deal today and it’s now time to practice these techniques and incorporate them into my style of selling.”
Dennis L. Urban, Sales – Tonkin Gresham Honda

“This is my third time attending this workshop. I really enjoy it every time.”
Paul Shevyakov, Sales Manager – Ron Tonkin Gresham Honda

“This will be helpful no doubt.”
Jean Gauthier, Salesperson – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I learned a bunch, with some good sales and self esteem techniques I can continue working on. Hopefully, the next time I talk to you, my sales will be up!”
Sharon K. Lethin, Sales – Gresham Nissan

“Thanks for all your work and your insights.”
Richard Deffert, Assistant Sales Manager – Dick’s Country Dodge

“This is my fourth year attending and I am ready for next year!”
Juan M. Gonzales, Salesperson – Miles Chevrolet

“A real eye-opener, very enjoyable.”
Glen Burnett, Team Leader – Gresham Toyota

“This class was very refreshing! I was also reminded of many things I had forgotten.”
Timothy Nipp, Sales Manager/Closer – Miles Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

“As a new sales Consultant, this course gave me an excellent foundation to start my career on.”
Jeff Ochampaugh, Sales Consultant – Miles Chevrolet

“This course is a must for any salesperson that has made it at least a year in this business!”
Steve Brassfield, Sales – Metro Nissan

“It was very informative.”
Justin C. Oliphant, Sales Consultant – Gresham Honda

“It was great, all around very good.”
Patrick Daves, Sales – Tonkin Gresham Honda

“It was great! This was my second year attending and I’ll attend next year as well. Thanks for the help. It was worth every penny (but you need to serve a larger lunch).”
Matthew Dale, Sales – Vancouver Toyota

“More food please.”
Steve Dost, Sales – Vancouver Toyota

“My experience was a great one! I learned a lot of new tools to put in my box.”
Jimmy Miner, Sales – Metro Nissan

“I learned something new again and this is the second time I have taken this class!”
Gary C. Anderson, Sales – Town & Country Chrysler/Jeep/Mitsubishi

“Very educational course.”
Hasan S. Abdellatif, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“This was the best training seminar I have ever attended since I’ve been in the business.”
Jennifer Johnson, Sales – Gresham Toyota


“Wonderful! I loved it!”
James G. Lined, Sales – Miles Dealerships