Attendee Comments – July ’05 – Lynnwood

“Being a sales veteran but new to car sales, I feel confident I have techniques I can put to use today!”
Jerry Antush, Sales – Burien Chevrolet

“It’s always a pleasure!”
Jay S. Harris, Sr., Sales Consultant – Everett Chevrolet

“An excellent refresher.”
Joey Trigsted, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Pignataro VW

“Great and very informational!”
Kenny Jackson, Sales Manager – Everett Chevrolet

“The state management section of this workshop is excellent and timely.”
Chris Busik, General Sales Manager – Everett Chevrolet

“Not quite what I expected, MUCH BETTER! It touched on dynamics of attitude and enthusiasm with the tools necessary to make changes.”
Kevin Bliss, Sales Professional – Magic Toyota

“It felt like an epic journey that will continue on and on…”
Hamid Musazay, Internet Director – Everett Chevrolet

“Not what I was expecting.”
Aaron Williams, ISM – Auburn VW

“Thank you for shedding some new and positive light into my life!”
Robert Miller, Sales – Korum Ford

“I just started this career and all of this will be so great and I will be better at building a customer base form this and above that a good living for my family.”
Clayton Peck, Sales – Burien Chevy

“It would have been nice if this was a 4 – 5 week course with 1 – 2 meetings a week. There is a lot of stuff to cover, and Michael did a lot in 8 hours. However, I would have no problem spending 3 times the amount of money to cover the material more in depth. Thanks!”
Jeffrey Greene, Sales – Everett Chevrolet

“Thanks for letting us back here. See you next year!”
Ted Sharp, Sales – Burien Chevrolet

“It’s probably time to walk my talk.”
Tom Norgaard, Sales – Everett Chevrolet

“This is my second time here and all I wanted was a good refresher. You did such a good job that I enjoyed it even better this time around!”
Shyawn Karim, Sales – Pignataro VW

“Thanks Michael! I needed the motivational kick in the ass. I will no longer allow my better talent to allow me to coast along with everyone else in my showroom.”
Matt Vuchetich, Sales – Korum Ford

“I loved the content. I would have liked to have even more role plays though. Thank you!”
Jonathan Gross, Sales Professional – Pignataro VW

“Very informative! I’m looking forward to using all the tools shared and given to me today for success. This experience that Michael led us through will not only help me at work but I look forward to using it in my personal life as well.”
Ron Scott, Sales – Five Star Motors

“My third workshop. As usual it was very informative and enlightening, also very entertaining. Keep up the great work. I’ll see you again next year!”
Joe Matthews, Sales – Lincoln/Mercury of Bellevue


“What a great class!! I just added more to my box/bag of tools!”
Steve Cho, Sales – Barrier Porsche