Attendee Comments – Sept. ’04 – Portland

“Truly inspired! Michael is an amazing speaker! Watching him stimulates your mind, body and soul. He teaches how to implement his techniques not only in the workplace with coworkers and managers, but also at home with your family. I believe it was without a doubt an eye and mind opening experience. Money well spent and I would be honored to attend another workshop!”
Rebecca Drake, Special Finance & Internet Sales – Damerow Ford

“Great to hear these study points again. I’ve heard much of it before but it’s so easy to lose focus and stop practicing these new strategies.”
Michael Nelson, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“Nothing will match this important information.”
Ruben Lomeli, Salesman – Lewis River Motors

“I learned more today than in any other seminar.”
Garry Anderson, Salesman – Town & Country Chrysler

“It was badass!! I’m driven to practice what we went through and improve.”
Charley Pierce, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“All good stuff. Something for everybody.”
Jason Wronski, Sales – T&C Chrysler

“Michael is very inspiring!”
Charlie Fassett, Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“Michael is a great speaker. Very energetic and charismatic.”
Kyle Drost, Sales Consultant – Braley & Graham Buick

“I truly believe my income will increase tremendously due to the course material provided.”
Doug Lee, Sales – Herzog-Meier Auto Center

“Everything Michael spoke on was well thought out and pertinent to current car business challenges and practices.”
Robert Shearer, A.S.M. – Herzog Meier

“I think this info was great and is exactly what I thought it would be. Great use of time and money! Michael, you rock!!”
Matt Dunbar, Sales – Miles Chevy

“This is my third time attending and I am happy I came! I enjoyed it.”
Juan M. Gonzalez, Salesman – Miles Chevrolet

“I wish I had taken this course long ago. Great training. I recommend this to all sales staff in our business.”
Dwight Nash, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“It was very good. I would have liked a little better quality seats, though. Thank you.”
Demetrio Contreras, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“Thank you again! This was the third time I’ve see and worked with Michael and it gets better every time!”
Mike McMahon, ASM – Doherty Ford

“Great training, very useful.”
Tim Doherty, Doherty Ford

“Hopefully, the knowledge will help me become more effective and successful in life and everything I undertake.”
Harvey Garnett, Sales Consultant – Braley & Graham Buick-Pontiac-GMC

“Good pace with content exercises but slow down with the writing. Very empowering, refreshing, intuitive, interactive, responsive, and inspiring!”
John Linneman, Sales – Town & Country Dodge

“A lot of material in a short time.”
F.R. Moore, Sales – Gresham Nissan

“Very thought provoking and insightful!”
Micke Rich, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“It was immediately helpful for me. I get information in bits and pieces at work. This puts it all together. The last two hours made the first six even better!”
Dan Vensel, Salesman – T&C Dodge

“The airplane exercise is the most dramatic thing that affected me. Thank you for this precious exercise.”
Chuck Martin, Sales – Doherty Ford

“It was a lot of very useful ways to make my life and career better. I’ll use what I now know.”
Paul Shaw, Manager – Doherty Ford

“I had one of the best experiences when it comes to learning than any other class I’ve been to.”
Dan Lucero, Asst. Sales Manager – Metro Nissan

“More fluids should be available and lunch was great. I met some really nice people and one very bitter and unhappy one. Lots of info to digest. I found out why I have this big sign on my back that says GOT A BANKRUPTCY? GOT REALLY BAD CREDIT? COME SEE ME! Thanks, Michael , for figuring out that one for me!”
Diane Lauder, Sales – Saturn of Beaverton

“It was a lot of help. It opened my eyes to a lot of new and good ideas. Great job, Michael.”
Roger Rasmussen, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“Michael’s commitment and enthusiasm for learning and truth is inspiring. A masterful use of the pause.”
Dennis Johnson, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“Excellent learning opportunity and support material.”
Thomas Ford, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“The time is now for me to make the change to be and do better in life as a whole.”
Dwight Besuyen, Sales – Doherty Ford

“This was a great experience! I felt I learned a lot of things that I know I knew in the past but life has been crazy and it’s good to know that others have some of the same things going on. I will walk my talk and let you know how it goes next time I am at your class.”
Johannah Ostby, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“I will definitely that this info and use it both professionally and personally! Thank you!!”
Julianne Winterfeld, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“About two hours too long. It is hard to focus an any workshop over six hours.”
Ben Vahdat, Used Car Manager – Braley & Graham

“Thank you for the ups and downs your presentation has taken me on. You allowed me to see much of the me I have been missing. It is now time to walk the talk. Thanks again!!”
Jason Hanna, Sales Consultant – Gresham Nissan

“Outstanding experience. Thank you!”
Michael Doherty, UC Manager – Doherty Ford

“I’ll be back and so will my team!”
Matt Craig, Sales Manager – Miles Chevrolet

“I am anxious to see how much of this workshop I really incorporate into my daily life.”
Richard Pflaum, Sales – T&C Chrysler

“Michael did a good job, lots of good info to use both in personal and work life. This workshop is worth more than the tuition charged.”
Eric Ramirez, Sales – Miles Chevrolet

“This is my third time, and it’s just as great as the first. The material is essentially the same. Since the last time, I chose to listen to the CDs on my 45 minute commute to and from work each day. I can practically do this seminar myself. Except now I am 3 years older, and finally decided to walk the talk. I’ll definitely be here for my 4th workshop to measure my success! Thanks, Michael.”
Jason Koceja, Sales – Gresham Nissan

“I expected a little stronger workshop format and a smaller class size might have accommodated this. Overall, a very good training session that was focused on selling in today’s environment.”
G. Tanski, F&I Manager – Bruce Chevrolet

“Michael enjoys helping people help themselves to create a better reality.”
Curtis Sallee, Sales – Metro Buick

“This day has given me excellent resources, insight, and motivation to excel.”
John Morrison, Sales Associate – Miles Chevrolet

“I finally saw things that actually made me want to make a difference. Thank you. I believe this will DRAMATICALLY improve my quality of life and morale at home and work. S.D.C. LOL.”
RH McGilchrist, Salesperson – Miles Chevrolet


“This reminded me about the importance of state management. No reason to be as stressed as I am and the difference that makes all over my life.”
Chris Buchheit, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Vancouver