Attendee Comments – Oct. ’04 – Portland

“I can’t freaking believe it!! I have been coming for years and there is still so much to learn. It will take me a lifetime to apply even a portion of this information. Great job!”
Randy May, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Very captivating, great info with practical applications. Thank you!”
Nora Montgomery, Sales Manager – Larsen Motor Co.

“This was great! I will be back. Just play more rock and roll on the breaks.”
Mark Waldrop, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“A refresher for me, I focused on learning more on the things I didn’t use or understand the first time I attended. Changes in the program since my last attendance will be practiced and used. Thanks again.”
Garry Pullen, Asst. Sales Manager – Capitol Budget Lot

“I was really touched by the aircraft exercise. I have been to numerous sales training events in the industry but I really learned a lot here! I wish I had this workshop years ago!”
Flynn Phillips, Sales – Russ Chevy

“Each year (7) I am able to return to this event and pick up additional resources to use in my personal and professional life. To anyone interested in bettering themselves I suggest an investment in yourself with Michael.”
Chad Lemieux, Sales Manager – Larsen Motors

“Great speaker and material. Even though it was essentially the same book as five years ago, mastery the key. Better than most trainers. Complete in every way!”
Todd Powell, Sales manager – University Honda

“Keep it the same!”
Hector Brambila, Sales – Hillsboro Chrysler

“I learned more techniques that I didn’t think even existed. I know it will enhance my selling abilities.”
Mike Peterson, Sales – University Honda

“Very high quality workshop.”
Joe Wilder, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“First workshop I’ve ever attended but I learned a lot and enjoyed it. I will definitely be back and be at more of these.”
Ronald Stewart, Salesman – Metro Nissan

“Life as well as sales is a series of adjustments. I am responsible for all of my actions. Persistance will overcome faliure all of the time. You become what you think of most.”
Baron Moss, Sales – Armstrong Buick

“It was very motiviating.”
Anthony Johnson, Salesman – Dick Hannah Mitsubishi

“Loved it! greatly motivational and very inspirational.”
Dena Rosenberg, Public Relations Manager – Larsen Motor Company

“Thank you. I appreciate you being you!”
“Chef” Jeff Williamson, Sales – Ron Tonkin Honda

“Maybe a little slow in the beginning or at least slower than the ending. The ending was awesome!”
Josh Kampmann, Internet Manager – Dick Hannah Mitsubishi

“A real eye opener. Excellent for people who are self starters.”
Patrick Corrigan, Sales – Metro Buick

“Very enjoyable. Thank you.”
Ron Hitt, Sales – Broadway Toyota

“A lot of fun and very informative.”
Matt Frye, Sales – Russ Chvrolet

“Very good, some new, some review. How about a Level II? Enjoyed it again. Inspirational!”
Bruce Moffatt, Sales – University Honda

“Great seminar. I learned so much and am excited to start applying what I learned to day. I also look forward to the next workshop.”
Jake Jones, Sales – Beaverton Nissan

“As always, a pleasure to hear nad learn new skill sets.”
Ahad Aftab, Asst. Sales Manager – Russ Chevrolet

“So much to still learn and apply to everyday life and how to stay focused. The difference in this seminar was that we were not “blessed” with your own history or how great you were or are. Thank you! We need your knowledge.”
Carolyn Miller, Saales – Larsen Motors

“I enjoyed it greatly. I would recommend to others.”
Sean A. Hummel, Sales – University Honda


“Touched on all objectives, good job! The room temp was a bit cold. You should condense the program. Too long.”
Tom Illk, Salesman – Armstrong Buick/VW