Attendee Comments – July ’04 – Lynnwood

“I give you an “A+.” I loved everything that came out of your mouth today. I know for a fact that not only will I sell six more cars next month, but I think you just made my life better, and made me a better person.”
Georgiy Agadzhanyan, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“A day very well spent. I intend to take full advantage of my home work assignments and daily exercises to improve myself as an automobile sales professional.”
Joe Manteau, Sales Rep. – Toyota of Lake City

“Michael has been a great influence on me, with my career, and my personal life. That’s why I continue to attend year after year!”
Stephen Haas, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Pignataro VW

“This was awesome and I would attend every time more classes were available to obtain more knowledge. Mr. Hargrove is a great trainer and very informative.”
Jay S. Harris, Sr., Sales Consultant – Everett Chevrolet

“I hope I have the internal strength to follow through. This all promises to be a real source of strength and success. A well spent $400! Thanks.”
Bruce Dibble, Sales Consultant – Everett Chevrolet

“Great workshop! Useful info, and application will begin 1st thing tomorrow! I’ll definitely attend another workshop. Convenient location too! Thanks!”
Greg Goudy, Sales Consultant – Magic Toyota

“I came without expectation. I left with life long teaching that I’ll sue for work, home, and everywhere. Thank you.”
Jae Han, Sales Rep. – Acura of Bellevue

“Very rewarding. Michael Helped me to realize both the strengths and weaknesses within myself. I am learning to better empower myself and not allow others to control me.”
Stephen M. Dumnire, Sales – Toyota of Lake City

“Second time around and still provoking the life changing level of thought!”
Michael Jameson, Assistant Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Pignataro VW

“Excellent. Very useful skills and techniques. I personally enjoyed the information on state management the best.”
Chris Busik, General Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Everett Chevrolet

“Like cold pizza, you’ve had it before and it’s always great again! Get the “E” back! Use this to get pumped and take it back to work. Get in the car business today, you’ve “tried” it out for long enough!”
Travis Jorgensen, Sales Manager – Lexus of Bellevue

“I can’t wait to put this stuff into practice. I’m willing to make a fool of myself in the eyes or opinion of my fellow workmates. Furthermore, I’m ready to learn and I’m re-committed to my success.”
Jay Rockwood, Salesperson – Pignataro VW

“Once again…Great!! Always good to refresh my skills as well as learn new things. Nice to have a seminar that is not all “hype” and includes the how to’s and why’s.”
Pat Tenud, Sales (three time graduate) – Acura of Bellevue

“I learned a lot and look forward to utilaizing the info.”
Eric Puryear, Special Finance – Friendly Chevrolet

“It was the best motivational sppech I have ever heard.”
Ryan Grosso, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“Change the break music from Methany to more up tempo music…wake up tunes. Great delivery of info. Michael is a terrific speaker and will get and keep your attention!”
James Curtis, Sales – Lexus of Bellevue

Alex Lenley, Salesman – Pignataro VW

“Mr. Hargrove seems like a nice guy. I respect his professinalism and educational background experience.”
Brad Noble, Sales – Lynnwood Honda

Deedee Thomas, Sales – Pignataro VW

“It brought me back tho the basics.”
Joey Trigsted, Sales – Pignataro VW

“Could use more participation by clients. Too much sitting.”
Kelly Stewart, Sales – Burien Toyota

“Very Nice.”
Kier McDermott, Sales – Burien Toyota

“Fantastic! Plenty of growth material.”
John Hanks, Salesperson – Everett Chevrolet

“Phone call exercise was very emotional.”
Richard Bellefontaine, Sales – Magic Toyota

“That was great! Thanks!”
Fernando Ballina, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“This class should be retitled to tie into the interpersonal material on page 46. you talked a lot about married people, pretty much irrelevant.”
Jason Kim, Sales & Leasing – Lexus of Bellevue

“Everything was great! It’s like taking a boost injection, because sometimes our energy level gets low. A shot in the arm keeps us productive. Thank you.”
Sylvester Byrd, Salesman (two time graduate) – Dodge of Bellevue

“I’ve had Grant Cardone’s training for many (5) years and this workshop has many similarities and differences. most importantly, this workshop is a lot more personal than Carsone’s seminar. I look forward to more training like this. Great information!”
Andy Lee, Sales – Magic Toyota

“I learned a lot today. you made me think about my life and how to improve it both at work and at home. Thank you.”
Howard Maxwell, Speical Finance – Dodge of Bellevue

“If there is something that should never change in this curriculum, it’s the ‘phone call exercise’. Too much energy is spent on the false successes. If what you learn can’t be applied to your personal life, then how much substance does it really have? We can’t reach our clients if we can’t reach ourselves. Good job, Michael!”
Tony Thornton, Internet Manager – Everett Chevrolet

“Thank you for everything. You make me really think. That’s a great thing! I feel so open to you because you truly seem as though you care! Thanks once again!”
Kim-Ho Barnes, Sales (two time graduate) – Lexus of Bellevue

“Some of the material was familiar and some was new. Some was new perscetives on familiar material. How well I use it is, of course, up to me, but all of it was valuable.”
Tom Norgaard, Sales (two time graduate) – Everett Chevrolet

“It got off to a slow start. I felt the first thirty minutes was borderline pointless. A lot of topics dealing with human interaction were good.”
Shyawh Karim, Sales & Leasing – Pignataro VW

“Good examples, stories, overcoming of objections, mental syntax explanation, learning styles, examples of NLP, and painting pictures for closing. Encouragement of continued learning and keeping an open mind to improve your success. Reality – Michael felt real when you spoke with him and when he shared ideas with you one on one.”
Kim Menown, Sales – Toyota of Lake City

“Thank you for your time and effort. You were well informed and organized!”
Tom Grayson, Sales Person – Dodge of Bellevue

“this is my third year! I get something new each and every year! I am going to use this.”
Melinda Clerico, Sales (three time graduate) – Pignataro VW


“An excellent reminder to stay awake at the wheel of life! Thanks again Michael!!”
Tracie Charles, Business Development – Lexus of Bellevue